My Babysitter ( A Harry Styles Fan-Fiction )

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Another  amazing story of mine :PP ^-^ Anyways I am excited for this book!!! ATENTION HARRY STYLES  LOVERS: VOTE AND FEEDBACK PLEASEEEEEEE! THANK YOU! :) Ok so enjoy my new fab book!!! Goal: READERS AND VOTES!!


I was walking down my stairs with my comfy shoes and sleeping wear still on. I yawned streaching my arms in the air. "Morning" I heared my mum lauren yelled. "Good morning mum" I said fading. I sat down on the kitchen table. "So what  are we eating?" I questioned my mum. ''Bacon and eggs. Sounds good?" She smiled. "Yeah mum thanks" I smiled back."Why don't you go upstairs and do your stuff while ill make it." My mum asked. "Okie Dokie" I said hopping up stairs. I got upstairs to my One Direction poster covered room. I stared with lust filled in my eyes. I smiled and looked into my mirror and jumped on my bed staring at the ceiling. I am Ashley, I have somber colored hair. My eyes are aqua blue and I have freakles covering my face. I inherit her features, but my mom and I are really nothing alike. Anyway, I went into the restroom to brush my teeth. After, I went and choose a comfortable wearing for chilling. I looked at myself in the mirror before I went down stairs. I was wearing shorts that say 'PINK' in large letters on my butt, and a pink cami. When I came down for breakfast I saw my mom standing there texting someone on her phone in work clothes. "Mum where are you going" I said walking toward my food. I sat down and my mum responded "I am going to work." She smiled looking down at her phone. "Ermm whos going to watch me.I said nevously. "I got a -a baby-sitter." She said extreamly happy. "I need somebody to take care of you and your dad is on a buisness trip and I have to go to work." "BUT MOM!" "No 'buts'" She bursted. "I finished my food jumped off my seat and ran up the stairs to my room. I got one of my pillows and slammed it against my face. I screamed throught the pillow loud untill I let it all out. The doorbell rang, and even though I hated my mum right now for getting a babysitter I knew that was him/her. I heared a deep voice chuckling and saying 'Thank You' to my mum. I went down stairs against the rail slowly going down with my eyes closed. I got to the bottom of the stair case and huffed. "Hello" I said looking at him. "OH MY GOSH" I yelled when I met his eyes. "YOU-R HA-R-R--Y-STYL--ES!" I screamed. I was going to faint. I mean how in the world did my mum get Harry Styles to be 'MY' babysitter. I know I am rich and all that but HARRY FREAKING STYLES!! I was jumping up and down as a smiled, putting his hands on my shoulder forcing me to stop being so excited.


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