The security of the Elders Manor was tighter then before, but to be expected. Rin pulled her hood down and walked faster entering through the archway, soon this job would be over; and more coins than ever. Such a messy business killing. In the room on the right were three open air windows. Hadn't been hard following that bumbling fool Raimo here.

She squinted. There. A light snoring came from him, sprawled out in a tall chair, his head tilted back and adams apple bobbing. A fallen metal goblit dripped wine on the fine grass oak table, its sticky sweet odor choked the room. The blue silk coat stained with wine and cracker crumbs. This is too easy, she drew out a dagger from under the cloak, hesitating. Was it a trap? Or just plain stupidity?

Outside the sparse light disappeared, and the gray clouds evolved to a darker gray. The shadows played on his chest as he breathed. 

Raimo snorted muttering something. She held her breath and slashed his throat.


A thin line of blood welled up on the cut, but stopped halfway across blocked by the metal goblet in his hand.

"That's not a very nice way to wake a person up." He eased out of the chair while waching her.

Rin jumped back. What's with this guy? Why isn't he calling the guards or trying to run? Isn't he afraid to die?

Raimo brows raised for a moment, "well, fearless assassin aren't you going to kill me?"

"Cocky human you'll drown in a blood river!" She lunged forward a near leap both daggers in hand. One scraped on the ridiculous goblit, and the other she drove deep into his sholder, blood sprayed from front to back.

He screamed, falling to his knees. One more, the jugular, someone had to have heard that.

Raimo struggled to his feet teetering his head hung low, "I'm not going to let you or anyone stop me," his voice low.

"We are sentenced to die the day we're born, one way or another, death doesn't care what your plans are. And, neither do I," Rin advanced forward. Could just drag him out of here and let him bleed out in the forest.  

He turned and stumbled towards the doorway.

Poor prey, they always try to get away. Her ears twitched; foot falls nigh eighty - one hundred feet away, seemed about two or three people were coming. Kill him now or later in his sleep?

He pulled off the silk coat and threw it before her, she slashed it open from end to end.

"That was pointless. Well, out of time I'll finish you off at my place then." She closed the distance, grabbed both arms and threw him over her shoulder, and ran down the hallway leading to the whine cellar.

"What kind of a monster are you?" with that, he fainted.

A monster? That's a laugh, could of killed you little human. A fire sparked in her mind, she leaned forward arms stretched over him, fongers twitching. She fought the urge to break an arm or two. Never mind, the punishment would be too high. She pulled back and shuttered.

Even for a human he was a little heavy. Hope his 'grand weirdness' didn't come back early. It took a while to actually kill someone they didn't have much strength and were squishy, but boy the bones were hard! Still, he said to only cripple him, not the best plan, still not my problem.

It was almost dark. Good. Carrying him she ran to the window and lept out, landed in a small garden and took off for the silver house several feet away.

It chaffed having to stay in such a pathetic excuse for a house. She ran faster yanked the door open and locked it, then pulled up several floorboards dropping him into the tunnel, dust sprayed out and tickeled her nose. She sniffed, then pushed him down further slipping in and pulled the floorboards back with care.

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