Chapter 19

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A/N: [TW // mentions of previous SA, sexism]

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After finally being convinced by Riku, Sora went down to the police station the following day armed with his video recording as well as the video Kairi had been sent. Riku and Roxas came for emotional support, the latter taking a sick day from school so he could be there for his brother. However, Sora was separated from the boys as a detective took him into a private room to discuss details and get Sora's perspective.

"I know you just spoke to a police officer, but would you mind repeating what happened for me?" She asked.

"Yeah, sure." Sora relayed all the information he could remember to the detective who listened attentively, jotting down notes as Sora spoke. Once he was finished, he slid his phone over the table to the detective who watched the two videos.

When the detective handed Sora back his phone, her expression was one of compassion. "I'm so sorry you went through that, Sora. Unfortunately, due to not having her face in one video and it being obscured in the other, it'll be hard to use these videos as evidence, that's if we are able to find her with your description. While the island isn't big, there's still quite a large population. It will be difficult to find her."

"What about the emails?" He asked with a bit of hope still left in him.

"We will give them to our tech department, but I'm afraid it is likely that they will not be able to trace it back. I am going to do everything I can though. Please take my card." She handed him a laminated card with her name and number on it. "If you remember anything else, please give me a call, okay?"

"Yeah... I can do that." Sora's shoulders slumped with the detective's admission. He knew it would be hard to find the girl, but having the detective be so upfront about it made him feel sick to his stomach. He tucked the card into his hoodie and stood up from the chair. "Well, thank you for listening. Hopefully you find her. I don't want what happened to me to happen to someone else."

"We don't either. I am going to do my best to find her." She gave him a soft smile before getting up and opening the door of the small room for him. Sora gave her a nod and went out into the main part of the police station, expecting to find Riku and Roxas on the bench where he had left them. Looking around, he couldn't see where they had gone off to, but then he heard Riku shouting. Sora took off running down a hall, back towards the entrance as he followed the sounds of Riku swearing at some unfortunate soul.

"You take that back you son-of-a-bitch!"

Sora stopped in his tracks as he made it to the large front doors of the police precinct. Roxas was barely able to hold Riku back as he lunged at a police officer. A few other officers were blocking off the entryway to the rest of the hall, trying to push the two men out. Sora walked up behind them and could hear the rest of the conversation between Riku and the officer he was trying to swing a fist at.

"You know I'm right. What kind of man would cry rape when a pretty girl throws herself at him? He wanted it."

Sora felt his head start to swim. They were talking about him. How could someone who promised to uphold the law talk like that about someone who was assaulted? He even had proof that he was assaulted, and yet... this is who would be investigating his case alongside the detective? Someone who believed he had wanted it?

"Dude, just walk away," said another officer to his buddy. But the officer smiled as he continued to egged Riku on.

Riku once again pushed forward, ready to wrap his hands around the man's neck. "I'll beat your ass if you say that shit again!" Roxas dug his heels in and pulled back as hard as he could, his face turning red as he struggled to hold Riku back.

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