Chaper 10: nice to see you

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"Damn it!!" Dave hissed under his breath. "Out of all the fucking people in the would, why the hell was John one to get kidnapped. Fucking fate." Dave walked down the halls of the mall impatiently. He paced back and forth eagerly waiting for his brother to arrive.
After about forty minutes of waiting for dirk to appear Dave got very impatient.

"Fuck this. I'm going to find John." He mumbled as he speed walked past vriskas shop. He hat his eyes on the ground and wasn't looking forwards when he bumped into a figure.

"Whoa there. Sorry." The figure apologised. Dave was too furious to even look at the person, he just kept waking faster.

He raced down the halls trying to follow johns sent, which was barely traceable, but Dave is a stubborn ass and refuses to give up.

As he opened up the mall doors and walked outside, a utterly disgusting sent hit him like a ton of bricks.


Dave looked upwards to see that accost the parking lot sat her royal fuckass. The ass hole of all ass holes, the condesce.

She sat on top of a throne of freshly killed corpses. The smell of corpses was not what was so disgusting to Dave, they actually smelled quite delicious. Nope, what made him almost throw up was the sent of the condesce. Her perfume was completely nasty. Dave could not stand it.

"Nice to see you again David." The evil hag laughed.

"Heh. Nice to see you too grandma." Dave sneered "It's been awhile. It seems your throne had gotten bigger. Along with your hair."

The witch laughed. "Oh David. It seems you haven't changed at all. You're still the immature brat you've always been." She smirked and began eating at her throne of corpses. "Want a bite?" She said, offering a pice of flesh towards Dave.

"Ew it probably has witch cooties." Dave spat.

"The condesce ignored daves snide comment. "So what's that boy you likes name? John was it? Oh I'd love to meet him." She grinned evilly.

"You won lay one filthy hand on him." Dave growled. "He's mine!"

"Oh really? If he's yours.. Then where exactly is he? Rumour has it you lost him!" She cackled.

"Shut up you hag. My life is none of your business." Dave hissed.

The condesce was getting very pissed. She stood up to go walk to Dave. "No you listen here, yo-"

She was about to finish when a shot rang out and a bullet whizzed past her face.

She immediately took a step backwards. "What the hell!" She cursed.

Another bullet shot past Dave but he was able to catch it between his fingers. He quickly sniffed the air and his eyes turned black with red irises. "Hunters." He hissed.

He quickly turned towards where the bullet came from.

"Well, well, well..." Said a deep throaty voice. "If it isn't little Ms condy. How have you been!" The vice joked.

"Grand high blood." The condesce hissed. "Long time no see."

Tadaaaaaaa. Another update. ^^; I have to get better at this. You all need to help remind me. XD well here it is! The excitement is real. It's getting intense! Hahah get ready to endure more of my crappy writing skills. By the way I enjoy reading all of your comments. They make my week. ^-^
Falwell friends.

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