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Chapter 31

Choi's POV

I am now driving towards my condo unit. I don't know why, but there's really something that wants me to stop driving. I don't like the feeling.

"Choi, kapag may time ka, bilhan mo ako ng dora bag ha? Hihihi!" She said while looking at me, with the bright smile in her face.

I just ignored her. She's childish and all... but I don't mind it if she's like that anyway.

Then my phone suddenly ring. I take a look at it. Oh! It's Filex?

Calling Filex Alessandro...

I grabbed my phone and accepted his call.

"What?" The first word I uttered.

"Sir, asan po kayo ngayon?" He asked.

"I'm on my way towards my condo unit. Rio is in 3 days field trip. While Sumi is in his house, since he got a hangover due to alcohol he intake last night. Why?" I even wonder if what I am. Am I doing something else to consult him just in case? Why do I have to explain anyway?

"Shit! I got a note from the Kuyutami Head Department. May mga e-mails daw silang natatanggap from Napnoteon Head Department." He said.

E-mails? I wonder what it would be. I'm pretty confident that it wasn't good at all. Knowing Napnoteon mafia... they are one of the millions of liars existing in this universe.

"What is it?" I asked him.

"They are declaring a war, Sir." He said.

I suddenly take a stamp at my car's control, the reason why the car suddenly stopped with a great force that made us to lean forward.

"Waaaaaaaaahhh!! Choi! Wala namang pusa eh! *pout* Muntikan ng manakaw ng salamin sa harap ko ang first kiss ko! Ay! Meron na pala akong first kiss. Pero hindi ko kilala. Yung---"

I placed my right hand at her mouth. She's so noisy!

"What? So, meaning to say... Ace Travis' really serious about this? Well, that's the reason why we're here anyway." I said, while reminiscing every single detail we've done for this kind of situation.

As far as I have known Ace Travis, he's not a simple foe. For a creature like him, wild and disgusting. Too dumb in shortening people's damn life. But we're usually like that too. All of us, of course!

"Sir, we really need to prepare. Mamayang gabi, 10pm... plano nila tayong paunlakan ng surprise battle. Good thing, may source ako kaya nalaman agad ng department natin." He said with a fierce tone on his voice.

"So, what the hell do you mean?!" I asked him angrily, as if I want to punch him. Who do he think he is to order such stuff to me?

I don't like this. We're not prepared... yet. Ever since, I've planned out about this. But as what I am seeing today, from 100% confidence, it decreases and turned out into 78%.

"Kailangan na nating maghanda ngayon pa lang. Papauwiin natin si Sir Rio, at i-iinform natin si Sir Sumi. Is that okay Sir?" He asked me.

Do he really need to ask me about that?

"Of course!" I said and hanged up the phone.

End of phone call...

"Choi, kanina pa tayo nandito. Wala ka bang plano magdrive? =____=" She asked me. This girl really!

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