Chapter 1

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"Look at this magic lamp."

"It seems to have been damaged only slightly at the core. Why isn't it being used?"

"You don't know either? It was lit up last night. It seems as though they are concealing something..."

The palace personnel were immersed in erasing traces of the previous night's attack.


In contrast to the bustling attendants, the prince's knight, Fredo, stood still and monitored the door.

Prince Zion, the lord he served, lay beyond.

His lord has isolated himself in the bedroom since last night's attack. The following evening had already descended upon them.

"Prince Zion..." Fredo muttered, the previous night's events flashing through his mind once more.

The sword's blade frozen in the void.


The assassins' severed heads.

The sight of Prince Zion, who regarded the scene with languid eyes.

Such an appearance was so contradictory that it seemed eerie even to Fredo, who had attended to the prince since his birth.

It was as if he was observing a complete stranger.

What the hell is going on?

Had his royal blood awakened belatedly?

If that wasn't the case...

A look of concern crept into the old knight's eyes as he continued to stare at the door.

* * *

He had become a character in a novel.

It was difficult to accept, but that was the conclusion he had arrived at after processing all the information he had gathered since last night.

I don't know who did this or for what reason, but...

Thinking so, the emperor gazed into the mirror.

What greeted him was not his original appearance, but that of a man with ashen hair and translucent white skin.

The emperor knew this man.

Zion Agnes, one of the princes of the Agnes Empire in the novel. He was honored with a few measly lines at the beginning of the Chronicles of the Frosimar's Hero.

He possessed a meek personality that prevented him from killing even a passing ant, and a frail body that became short of breath simply by walking.

Furthermore, he had no patron to support him. He was eliminated from the war for succession early on and was imprisoned in a separate palace outside the Imperial City.

The reason why Zion Agnes appeared in only a few lines was simple; his life ended as soon as he appeared, not to mention he was a disgrace even in the short time he had.

Originally, he should have lost his life in the assassination attempt yesterday.

The emperor who now possessed Zion's body thought so, while recalling yesterday's events.

After completing "The Chronicle of the Frosimar's Hero", he closed his eyes for a moment. What greeted him as soon as he woke up was an assassin fully shrouded in black, swinging his sword at him. Had it not been for his ability, the 'Astral Darkness'1, which was anchored in his soul rather than his body, he would have perished in the same manner as Zion in the novel.

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