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Rose's POV

My eyelids fluttered open when the pilots voice sounded throughout the plane. Since I was indulged in a sleeping state I missed the beginning of his message, the only thing I managed to catch was a simple phrase that set my tummy into a fit of butterflies.

"We will be arriving in London in approximately 10 minutes."

Any nerves that had vanished before surely resurfaced the moment the male voice spoke those ten words through the intercom. All of my dreams of being abroad were finally coming true and I have a generous Madame to thank for it.

I looked over to the woman who sat peacefully in her seat, starring solemnly into the blue skies that shown brightly through the window on the plane.
She appeared so content and peaceful, like she had no care in the world. No troubles or worries tainted her aging skin and I envied her blissful state, hoping that one day I could feel the same peace I sensed she did.

I sighed in awe and rested my head further back into the cushioning leather seat only to realize that it wasn't as comfortable as I sought it out to be. The stiffness of a shoulder on the back of my head caused warning signals to sound and I quickly shifted away from my resting spot immediately.

"Oh, You're awake."

I stared at the man beside me in outright horror.

First I seek his comforting touch but now I unconsciously use him as a resting source while I sleep? My mind started reeling and I was growing rather uncomfortable with how, comfortable I was being with him.

"Uh, uh...yeah." I stuttered

His lips formed into a lopsided smile as he took in my flustered nature. "You sort of rested your head on my shoulder while you were sleeping. I didn't mind, you didn't seem to comfortable in your previous sleeping position anyway."

I smiled swiftly at Harry, giving him a quick thanks before returning to my abondoned seat moments later. I need to rid myself of this British Invasion that has me constantly questioning my morality. In less than 10 minutes I was defiantly fleeing from his presence to ensure my own sanity. Harry's presence is intoxicating none the less, he's so strikingly handsome that you cant stop your eyes from roaming in his direction. He's a gift and a curse in one and the longer I find myself in his company the more I can feel my mind drifting from its normal state.

Yes I know we haven't had much interaction but there is something about this fellow that is undeniably familiar. My conscience keeps screaming at me, telling me I know him or at least recognize him from somewhere, but my brain can't recall any previous interactions.

Deciding not to press on the thought any further, I settled with the fact that he probably just looked like someone I had ran into before. Harry is from half way across the world for crying out loud, there is no way I could have bumped into him in New York.

The familiar ding signally us to fasten our seat belts rang out and ended my mental dispute. Remembering my struggles with the device during take off, I quickly buckled myself in before looking at Harry and seeing him smugly grinning my way.

"I see I've taught you well." He mused, his smile growing while mine ceased to make an appearance.

"Save it Harry."

Harry made a cluck sound with his tongue and shook his head.

"Least you could do is give your teacher some credit."

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves, I was seconds away from figuring it out until you intervened."

"If pouting and groaning about in frustration is 'seconds from figuring it out,' than you're definitely succeeding in life princess."

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