Olivia's mom wasted no time and even her hushed tones carried over. "Just what do you think you're doing? You can't wander off like that! I was worried sick. And why were you with those two?"

"Sorry," Micah called out to her, wanting to explain. "She just came up to us and started talking. We were trying to find you."

The woman's eyes narrowed, but then she gave a curt nod.

Olivia piped up, "Mom, they are building that city! I'm so excited!"

"Think that's our cue to exit," Trent murmured.


"Hardly touched your food. Is everything okay?" Jared Hawkins asked Micah. They were the only ones left at the table. Vern and Trent had gone into the den to commence with the translations. For all his complaining, Trent came alive when it came to getting his hands on the ancient tablets. Having been called by Micah to be the Architect of the city, as well as owner of the farmland the city was being built on, Vern wanted to absorb everything he could from Enoch's blueprints too.

Micah glanced out the window behind them and spied Damon crossing the lawn, heading back to the construction zone. The guy's hardly stopped to take a break.Don't want him collapsing on me.

Micah's dad cleared his throat, bringing him back to the present.

"Oh yeah, no. I mean, everything's fine. It's just..." Micah stopped.

"What is it?" his dad asked.

Micah met his gaze, glad he was not only going along with all this, but believed him. Of course, it didn't hurt to have Damon uproot a tree or two to prove it to him.

He decided he could tell him what was on his mind. "We met this girl at the store today-Olivia. She couldn't have been more than seven or eight. She said some things that got me thinking. And then there was the way her mom reacted to us, like we were bringing back the plague for the heck of it."

His dad smiled. "I'm sorry about that part. I know after the news and you making that bold-"

"Crazy, you mean."

"No, bold, brave statement, some people will take it differently. Religion is a funny business. You only said what Sage told you to say."

Micah nodded. "Thanks, Dad. I know. Still, I'm glad it was just a local channel."

His dad glanced down at his plate, breaking eye contact. His reaction made Micah uneasy.

"Dad, what is it?" Micah asked.

"Your interview was a little more than local. That was national news."

"What? Why on earth would constructing a huge... building make national news?"

"Apparently, that particular station has been covering all the seismic activity in the area, or just Damon." His dad chuckled. "Still hard to believe what that kid can do. Anyway, this spot keeps attracting attention. If you ask me, your guardian angel had more to do with that than anyone. Seems she wanted more than just DeKalb, Illinois to hear you."

"Oh, great." Micah wasn't sure why the thought of everyone at home watching the broadcast filled him with dread. Maybe I'mnot ready for this. He pushed his self-doubt aside. He knew what he was doing was important and needed to be done. Still, it didn't make the gawking any easier.

His dad cleared his throat and asked, "So what was it about this Olivia girl you mentioned? Did she make fun too?"

"No, actually, she was excited to go in the city." Micah glanced at his dad, feeling new resolve fill him. The visions strengthened him mentally, even if they still left him feeling physically exhausted. He grinned. "Seems she's been having dreams about it for a while."

"Really? Do you think she has?"

"Yeah, I do. Don't know if her mom will ever let her go near it though."

"Oh, I don't know. You convinced your mom and me. Might not be that hard."

"I'm not sure it'll be so easy. And it's not just Olivia's mom I'm worried about."

His dad glanced over at him. "I'm sure your friends' parents will be on board. I can talk to them if you think it'd help. I already know Eden's folks are good with it all."

"They are?" he asked, a little surprised. He'd been planning on Damon doing another 'show and tell' when they got back, just in case they weren't.

His dad grinned. "Well, I think your mom helped smooth things over with Beth. She's not too thrilled with any of it. No one wants to hear demons are after their kids."

Micah nodded, glad to know Eden had her family's support. Just hearing her name made his heart ache. Has it only been a few days?

"Well, that's good," Micah said. "Let's just hope everyone else's folks are as believing as Eden's."

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