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She watched as her brother, that she new to be Ciel, was dragged away meanwhile being enveloped with raging flames. She screamed his name but nothing came out of her mouth. She could feel a cold blackness wrap around her like a pair of arms.

"Wake up, my darling"

The blackness seemed to have a mouth because she could feel its comforting warm breath tickle her neck. More tears filled her eyes when she watched Ciel get pulled away by his shoulders. His arms were out stretched and reaching for the girl. She put an arm out to try and get to her brother. She tried to step forward and break into a sprint, but the blackness held her back.

"Wake up. I'll be there to comfort you."

[F/n] stopped struggling when she heard "I'll be there to comfort you". She eased back into the blackness. Her knees became weak as she gently fell to her knees the blackness consuming her. It comsumed her until she could no longer see. "Ciel..." She murmured drowsily before falling to the feet of sleep.

"Wake up"

~end of dream~

[F/n] woke up in her bed screaming. She brought her knees to her chest and put her hands over her ears. Tears streamed down her face as images of her forgotten memories flooded through her mind. "Ciel... my brother I let you go" she muttered through her tears.

She heard the door open and two peoples footsteps. "Lady [F/n]?!" Sebastian's voice echoed. She heard him run to her and wrap his arms around her tightly. He rocked her back and forth gently while holding her to his chest. The light of the midnight moon radiated through out the vicinity.

"Ciel... Ciel... I let you go... Ciel..." She sobbed not knowing that the boy was in the room too. She clung to Sebastian's neck strongly as if he was going to leave her. Ciel looked at her with slight surprise . Did she suddenly begin to remember him? The boy stepped forward.

'She rembers me now' Ciel thought. He walked so he was behind [F/n] and Sebastian. "[F/n]. You remember who I am again?" he spoke quietly. The girl looked up to him. More tears spilled from her eyes as she let go of Sebastian. [F/n] clung to her brother and cried into his shoulder. Ciel's eyes widened as he wrapped his arms around her gently.

~Time Skip~

[F/n] and Ciel sat in [F/n]'s bed quietly. Ciel had fallen asleep, though. A knock came from the door. "Come in" [F/n] said. Sebastian walked in and bowed. "Would you like me to take the Young Master to his room now, My Lady?" Sebastian asked. [F/n] looked to her brother before mouthing 'yes' and nodding. Sebastian came to the side were Ciel was and picked him up gently. He carried the boy out of the room leaving [F/n].

She laid back into the soft comforter of her bed. The soft glow of a candle illuminated the rooms slightly. She twiddled with the hem of the night gown she was wearing. Wait. Last time she checked she had been in a dress. And since Mey-Rin was out with Ciel all day only one person could've put the night gown on her. Sebastian.

The sound of the door caused her to sit up. Sebastian stood in the door way. "Sorry for the intrusion. On part of my master, he would want me to show you every hospitality" he said closing the door and pulling back the covers for [F/n]. She got under the covers slowly. [F/n] laid her head down on one of the pillows gently. Sebastian took the candle that was on the bedside table and blew it out. He began to walk away until his hand was caught. "Sebastian, wait" [F/n] said. Sebastian turned around to see the girl leaning forward to grab his hand. "What is it that you need?" he asked with a smile. She looked at the ground before saying, "Stay with me". Sebastian's widened as his face went crimson. "M-My Lady, I may get in trouble with the Young Master" he told her. She looked at him with sorrowful, pleading eyes. "Please. Only tonight." she begged. Sebastian sighed in defeat as he began to remove his coat, vest, gloves, and shirt. Sebastian pulled back the covers next to [F/n] and got under them. [F/n] eased closer to him. Sebastian pulled her close to his chest. The girl began to fall asleep in his arms.


Comlete and utter shit, right? I added a mega plot twist in this .w. I hope you like were this is going. -SebastiansWaifu

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