Chapter 4

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"I've been taking lessons for the past two years." Henry walks over the now limp body to enter the cockpit. I begin to follow, but he shakes his head at me. "Stay here and make sure he doesn't wake up."

I look down at our incapacitated driver and gulp. "Okay."

He begins manipulating the controls. The vehicle levels out after a moment and I feel us begin to turn. I breathe a sigh of relief and begin counting to ten, in hopes of getting rid of the giant knot in my stomach.

A pile of rope lands in my lap. I look up at Henry, but he's looking ahead. I'm about to ask when his voice comes over the intercom. "Tie hands behind his back. And bind his legs to the seat across from you."

"Done," I confirm after I've tied two square knots.

"Good. We should be there in half an hour. One last thing," he says, his voice tight. "Contact my parents—and yours, too. They should know what happened."

"What will we do with him?"

"I'm sure our allies in Basheart will want him for questioning. He'll probably be Relocated after that."

My nausea returns at the thought. "I'll call your parents first," I say, pulling up the First Lady's information on my personal communicator.

She answers immediately. "Where are you? Our contacts say you haven't arrived yet. You were supposed to be there an hour ago."

I look out the window and only see water. "I don't recognize our location. Our driver hijacked our route."

Her hands rise to her mouth as she shakes her head back and forth before saying to her right, "Harold, come here."

I see the President materialize on the hologram and sit up straighter. "Mr. Clark," I greet.

"Rosemary," he answers somewhat gruffly. He addresses his wife, "Call all the staff to a meeting."

"If it's any consolation, we're okay."

He ignores me and walks away, disappearing from the hologram. Helen smiles apologetically and says, "Please stay safe and keep an eye on Henry. Sometimes I fear he's too stubborn for his own good—just like his father."

I nod. "Of course."

"Contact me again when you've landed. And let your parents know what's happening if you haven't already."

"I will. Goodbye, Helen."

The hologram disappears and I quickly open one to my father, knowing he will be more likely to answer.

Both my parents appear and my mother speaks first. "Why aren't you in Basheart yet? What's happened?"

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