Noise [Fourteen]

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The girl stood in front of us and waited patiently for us to react. She was called Kristen and apparently knew Aralyn. She was pretty, had blonde hair that curled at the sides of her face and blue eyes that shone, however she was dirty and looked beaten down. I bet she had been with Aralyn at the Scientists... what do you call it? Hideout? None of us said anything for a couple of minutes.

“Where is she?” I said eventually. She puffed and folded her arms.

“You know where she is...” she paused “Shae”

“Yeah, in some government laboratory questioning room, but where abouts is that? And how do you know my name?” I stood closer to her, arms crossed.

“She talked a lot about you”

“Wit Woo!!” Rio gestured and I turned and clapped him round the chest “If you do that again Shae I will floor you, Quest or no Quest!” he said.

Quest? I would have called it a mission, not a Quest, but whatever. I looked at him for a second, for no reason in particular, but he saw it as a challenge and lunged himself at me.

“HEY” I shouted and pushed him back immediately “Chill out Rio, For god’s sake!”

We had a stare off for about 10 seconds, and then he wiped back his black hair out of his eyes and stood back. His thoughts loomed over my head for a while.

/Shadow. Shadow. Shadow. Shadow/

did he make them intentionally scary today?

“Once you’ve stopped bickering like 8 year olds we can get back to the pursuit of Aralyn. Ok?” Kristen said, loudly, which got our attentions again. Pursuit! Not mission, or quest! This was a pursuit.

“Look” Rio said “We left the academy for her, we went to the black market and nearly got our asses kicked, for her, we travel up and down smelly streets, for her, we nearly get beaten up by some pissed off gangster, for her, we sit in the rain for hours, for her, and guess what? We still haven’t found her. This ‘Pursuit’ is no longer realistic”

“Shut up, Rio” I said, almost immediately after he’d finished.

“I agree with Rio” I was so shocked that anyone even agreed with Rio, but I was even more shocked that the person who did was Chloe.

“I think I’m going to go home. I’m so sorry, Shae”

“What?” It came out sort of pathetically, like I was about to beg her to stay. I had meant it to sound angry “Wow, that’s the most selfish thing you’ve ever said, Chloe”

“I’m sorry, but Rio’s right. We’re not getting any closer. Every time we think we’re getting closer it turns out she’s been taken by someone else”

“Who else feels like this?”

“I don’t” Yao said “I’m with you till the end, Shae” I felt slightly better.

“Me too” Louise said, although the way she said it made me doubt her slightly.

“Look” Kristen said, holding her arms up “Nobody leave yet. We may be closer to finding her then you think”

We were out of the rain, sheltering in a bus shelter, with four packets of crisps to keep us going. We could see Dacre Street clearly so if the government came we would know. I had one packet of biscuits for Dog. I gave him one and he swallowed it whole and looked to me for another.

“Dog, I have to save these. You might want more later”

/Shae. Food. Shae/

“No Dog, Later” He ceased with his thoughts, but it wouldn’t be long until he become hungry again. He looked weak, and wet, and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, even though I was in the exact same position. The people that walked or drove past didn’t pay any attention to us, but why should they? We were just a bunch of kids hanging out at a bus shelter. Nobody had a clue what our lives were really like. Chloe and Rio hadn’t left. They were waiting to see what Kristen had to say. I hoped it was something good because I didn’t want Chloe to go; she was clever, and I didn’t want Rio to go either; He was the only other Shadow – he was a valuable ally to have.

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