"Oh tonight is finally the night?" He asked with a grin

"I didn't bring my spend the night bag for no reason"

I grabbed his shirt, pulling it off and planted kisses from his neck down to his chest as he cupped my ass. The best part of it all was I could feel him getting hard

Kissing my way back up his neck, I stopped at his ear

"I brought something for you"

"I'm tryina see what it is"

I slid off of him going over to my bag that was over by the door

"I really think you'll like these" I reached in my bag and stood up holding up 2 sets of pink furry handcuffs

I walked back over to the bed and and climbed back on top of him

"Who about to put them on?"

"You" I grinned, pecking his lips and grabbed his left hand, placing one of the handcuffs on it then cuffed the other side to the bed

"So you on that freaky shit forreal?"

"A girl like me is full of surprises baby"

I then cuffed his other hand to the bed as well and ran my hands down his chest before getting off of him again and going over to my bag yet again

"You know, I been waiting for this for the past two months"

"You ain the only one. I ain expect this freaky shit though" he looked at the handcuffs and I laughed, dressing my hands in black gloves

"I'm pretty sure you didn't. You not the only one that move smart baby"

"I see that now"

"You know what else"

"Wassup mamí?"

I twisted the silencer onto the gun before standing up facing him "so do Dom and Viv"

When I stated my parent's names Tony's eyes damn near popped out of his head. I guess he realized he didn't move as smart as he thought because my parents DONT play about their money

"You set me up?"

I shook my head "no baby. You set yourself up" I walked over to the bed

His eyes focused on the gun I held and it was obvious he was about to shit his pants

"I got the money to give back to them. I-I got it"

I let out a laughed while shaking my head, looking him dead in his eyes

"You know it don't work like that baby. You knew what would happen but obviously you didn't care because you move smart. Remember?"

Tony locked his jaws

"You do know I have cameras right?"

"Obviously you haven't checked them in a week. I might be pretty but I'm not dumb"

"After all we been through the past two months. Mia-"

"My name is not Mia" I cut him off, holding the gun up and he looked more hurt when I told him that

"Please.. the code to the safe is 5254! It's behind that picture right there. Please!"

I went over to the picture and carefully took it down seeing the safe before looking back at him. His cheats heaving up and down and he seemed scared as hell

"Is that the right code?"


I used my knuckles to punch in the code and the safe popped open then looked at Tony again still holding the gun up

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