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& Secondly.. thank you DreamDoll0V0 for trusting me to bring back a book of hers that was short lived on her page that I used to love🤍

Giavonna (Gia) Guzman
May 21
9:44 pm
Miami, Florida

"Cheers to us for two months. Even though it feels like it's been longer than that" Tony, the guy I've been seeing for the past two months, said as we clinked our glasses together, laying in his bed

"Yeah. Cheers to us" I smiled and watched as he drunk out of his glass before sitting it down on the nightstand beside the king sized bed.

"Mamí, you good?" He asked and I nodded, my eyes scanning around his room


"No you not. Come here and talk to me" he pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arm around me

"I don't know" I shrugged "it's just-... You said you own a small business right?"


"Well looking at this house.. it's not giving small business of somebody that came from nothing and one thing I told you is that I don't like being lied to" I side eyed him

He sighed "I do own a small business mamí. But.. and I'm only telling you this because you never gave me a reason not to trust you... I-umm. I borrowed this money from some friends to fund my business"

"Well obviously you borrowed a hell of a lot"

Tony scratched his head "a lot like 3"

"3 what? Hundred thousand"

"Nah. Million"

I damn near choked on my own spit "3 million?"

"It was a couple years ago. I was down real bad and I really need the money so somebody I knew put me on and introduced me to these people that could help me. After they gave me the money I spent half on my business. I really did but the other half I started blowing until I was down to the last hundred grand, realized I fucked up invested in one real estate property and that was a success, then used that money to buy another house and two houses turned to so many I can't even count. Now I own hella houses, my cash flow is all the way up. I'm living the life I always deserved. And now I have the lady I deserve too" he smiled before kissing me

"So what about the people you owe the money to? You ever pay them back"

"Nah. They probably forgot about that money by now"

"You sure? Cause I don't want nobody coming after you about some money"

He boastfully sucked his teeth "don't even worry about them. I move smart"

"That's what I like to hear" I smiled, moving on top of him and grabbed his face kissing him

As I straddled his lap, making out with him he had his hands on my waist slowly sliding them down

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