First Day Of Hosting

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"No help needed," Hikaru and Kaoru said simultaneously.

"Tamaki," The red-headed girl from earlier said, catching Tamaki's attention.

"Oh, I'm sorry my princess. I'm just a little concerned for my little boys," He said turning to the girl, who was sipping some tea(?). She looked at him, opening her once closed eyes.

"You seem to be keeping an eye on them quite a bit" She said.

"That's because I'm raising them like they were my own" He replied. Tamaki then snapped his fingers. "Haruhi, Yuki, come here!" He ordered.

Haruhi and Yuki looked at each other and walked over to him. "Yes?" Haruhi questioned. "Say hello, this is my regular guest, Princess Ayakanoji" He said directing a hand to the girl beside him.

Oh, that girl from earlier Haruhi thought, Yuki was having meaner thoughts though. It's the snobby, piece of trash again, She thought with a mental sneer.

Haruhi smiled. 

[Just smile and continue.] 

"It's nice to meet you"She said. Yuki just nodded her head and waved her hand saying "Yo." (a/n: Try hard gangsta much?)

Tamaki turned red in the face and attack both of them with a (death) bear hug. "That was so cute, Haruhi, Yuki!" He exclaimed spinning them around in circles at the same time. 

How the fuck does he even do that? Yuki did not know. But this is an anime/fanfiction and nothing logical ever happens.

"The air of bashfulness was good, good, very good!" Ayakanoji tried to get his attention but failed and Haruhi and Yuki desperately wanted their freedom get away, but Tamaki wouldn't let them go. 

"Mori-senpai! Help!" Haruhi yelled with Yuki nodding her vigorously.

In an instant Mori appeared taking them away from Tamaki, He had a small, barely noticeable blush on his face and a look of realization in his eyes (sTOP IT WITH THE LIGHT BULB, PLEASE).

"Mori-senpai, you didn't have to go that far," Said Tamaki. "Come on come back to daddy's heart!" (a/n: I'm editing this right now and all of you may know, it's 2016. This sentence sounds very, very wrong. XD #StopTamaki'sDaddyKink2k16)

Princess Ayakanoji looked at them with a dark look on her face.

"I don't need two fathers," Exclaimed Haruhi.

[Several minutes later...]

"Huh? Where's my bag?" Questioned Haruhi looking at Yuki.

"My bag's gone too." She said. 

They both looked out a large window, there, in a large fountain was their poor bags.

"I thought there wouldn't be any bullies at this school, but sure enough..." Haruhi trailed off.

Who could have done this? It couldn't be... I bet it was Ayakanoji! Yuki thought, raging.

They were running in the halls when they suddenly passed Ayakanoji. "Oh, it's you two," She said. "How nice of Tamaki to tidy both of you up, while you're at it, why don't you correct your dirty upbringing?" She continued walking off. 

Yuki was furious, and she was getting angrier with each word that came out of her dirty little mouth. She just wanted to punch that girl in the face for insulting Haruhi.

Okay Yuki, calm down. Keep your cool. Yuki counted to ten, taking deep breaths. She really needed to fix her temper.

The girls were now in the fountain, there was a rather inappropriate statue in the middle, one which Yuki  tried not to laugh at.

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