A Danisnotonfire Imagine

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Helloooo! So, this is, obviously, a Dan Howell (Danisnotonfire) imagine. Not the best thing I've written but it was just a quick little thing I wanted to do. The gif that accompanies it/The one that inspired me to write this, is here:http://25.media.tumblr.com/223954965827b730dbf153b0462c74b4/tumblr_mhzrec3n3p1qfbjmio1_500.gif (Or in the sidebar type thingy, whatever)

I suggest you stare at this for a while first for the story to fit better (And because who can't stop staring at this gif?! UGH!! <3333)

You worked at your city’s Youtube gathering over the weekend. You jumped at the chance to be closer to your favourite youtubers and it was actually the most fun you’ve ever had. You met some of them, unfortunately, the Fantastic Foursome weren’t on your schedule, but, as a thank you for volunteering to work at this gathering, you got an invite to party at the after-gathering party with all these famous youtubers from around the world.

After making sure you look your best, you walk through the glass double-doors and into the after party. You don’t really know anyone and you’re a little too nervous to start talking to your idols, so you walk around the edge of the dance floor for a bit, looking on at all the youtubers mingling and dancing.

You get to one side where 4 boys are having fun dancing crazily. You stop and look at them for a second. Something seems familiar to you about these boys. One of them turn around while he’s dancing. He has dark brown hair, and is wearing a checked red and black dress shirt. He’s sort of dancing like he’s a worm, which you giggle at.

Then, Dan Howell’s eyes lock onto yours as he glances at you, then he stops and stares, his silly smile that he was dancing with drops. He quickly notices he’s staring and looks to his left at his best friend Phil Lester. Phil is dancing with, who you now recognise to be, PJ Liguori and Chris Kendall. Dan takes this opportunity to step away from the group and towards you.  

“Hi.” He says in his smooth British accent.

“Hi, Dan.” Realising you knew his name before he told you, you quickly back tracked. “Sorry, I’m not creepy, I just watch your videos and I love them and I love you guys.” You rambled, gesturing to him and his friends.

He laughs and you and him get talking. You both tell the other about yourselves, then , as the night goes on, start dancing with each other, meeting his youtube friends, and eventually, exchanging phone numbers.

At the end of the night, you inform Dan and his friends that you have to leave, to which he says that he will walk you out. As you’re about to walk across the street, he quickly leans in and gives you a kiss on the cheek. He looks down sheepishly but he looks up to notice you wth a wide grin on your face. He then smiles back at you, says he’ll call you, and waves as you cross the road.

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