Born To Be A WWE Diva (WWE FanFic)

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My name is Layla Love. Well, its Layleana Skylir Lovett. Its a complete stupid name. I honestly hate it when people call me that. I'm 23 years old. Did I mention my brother is Triple H? I'm born to be a WWE diva. Everyday I practice moves they say 'don't try at home.' Even Hunter (Triple H) helps me practice. He's so over-protected of me. But it always seems to help and he's always right. Hunter and I went down to Vince McMahon's office to discuss me enlisting on the diva/superstars roster. Vince agreed to enlist me on the roster I was super excited.

"We're glad to have you, Layleana" Mr. McMahon said shaking my head.

I smiled, "Thank you," I hurried up to get out his office. I turned around looking for Hunter but he was still in Vince's office. I breathe heavily once I saw Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez they were talking about how last Friday Night Smackdown GM Brooker T suspended him. He walked passed and I folded my arms in disappointment of how long it took for my brother to get out the office.

Albert turned around I could see him on the corner of my eye. He was checking me out. He looked at me up and down grinning.

"Hi, you must be a new diva on the roster, huh?" He said and I looked at him confused. I nodded. "Well, I'm Alberto and this is Ricardo." I smiled.

"I know." I said he smiled at me then laughed.

"Do you have a name?" He asked.

"Its La--" I was about to say my name until Hunter walked out.

"Let's go," he said pulling my arm and eyeing Del Rio.

We walked down to Hunter's office. We walked in and I sat on the chair in front of his desk. He started looking through papers.

"Dammit!!" He said quietly, so quiet that he thought I couldn't hear.

"What are you looking for?" I said him looking up at his papers.

"The paper that have the matches on them," I laughed because the paper he was looking for was right in his face. I grabbed it and looked at him.

"Is this it?" I said sarcastically.

"Shut up. I didn't see it.." He said laughing.

"Of course you didn't. You're getting old." He stopped laughing once I said that.

"I'm not getting old," he snorted. I grinned cause I knew I was getting on his nerves.

"What's wrong bro? You're getting to old to see? Are you too old to walk? So you use a walker," I can see the anger in his eyes.

"Anyways you're in a match tonight," he said.

"Tonight? Why wasn't I told this before?" I asked.

"Oh darn!!" I put his hand on his face sarcastically. "Your match is next," he said.

"What!!??" I yelled in confusion.

"Right after Santino and Zack match against 3mb, you're up so go get ready." He said shooing me out the room.

I got up and walked to the divas locker room. I was greeted by most of the divas in the room. Especially Melina, Kelly Kelly, and AJ Lee.

"Hi, you must be the new diva on the roster, huh?" Melina asked me.

"Yeah, how'd you--" I said pausing cause AJ cut me off.

"Everyone knows," She said with a big smile on her face. "C'mon let us show you around," she added in.

"I would. But I have a match next and I'm just trying to get ready." I said grabbing my in-ring gear. Which was a black and red bra top and black shorts with red stripes on them. It actually looked pretty descent. I put on my clothes and walked down to the ramp when I heard my theme song play. It was Cher Lloyd Want You Back. Its a pretty good song for a theme song. I walked up the ramp and AJ ran up to me.