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Crow's Curse and The Butterfly

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Time is a translucent galaxy

Mocking the mind that we remain free

In a land of ice, melting away

Moments hours, hours- days

Who are we, but a nameless face

A passing thought within this space

The chosen seed to complete the plan

Roses laced with thorns- we are man

Names etched in tomorrow’s dust, powdered in the breeze

We are the chapters written, which fall from dormant trees

We are the tears, which baptize each face

The lost and the found, we are pride, we are disgrace


When a rainbow cries the colors turn black

Raining down on every crow covered back

Only the butterflies can rise above

To return the lost colors back to love

Do you stand strong when the earth spins to quick?

Are you the candle- or the flame on the wick?

Do you sleep in the soil waiting to grow?

-Or does your vines stretch wild with purpose to sow?

Many are unaware that their footsteps will not last

Oblivious to tomorrow- prisoners of the past

A rose rooted in salt, cursed with a crow burdened back

They shall suffocate in that soil, when the black rains attack!

Worshippers of device focused ahead

They seize the day as they decorate the dead

Desecrating each breath while they blindly walk-

With malignant deeds, they draw their outline in chalk

However, there are few who wear their spirits outside

They confront the plague, and refuse to hide

They only cower when humbled before grace

Their heart bleeds in color, mercy masks their face

The thorns they adorn- are compassion, with faith by their side

When the black rain calls their name, they spread their wings and glide

An open rose which shall reign through the storm and rise high

They paint eternal skies with love -For they are the butterfly


The choice is predisposed when our hourglass placed

As sands sift steady, and our galaxy erased

Take note of the rose you have chosen to be

So when your petals wilt- your vines shall grow free






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