"To the abandoned building on Walsh Street," Vee said. "There will be a broken window out back. Go through there. I'll give you further instructions when you get there. Oh, and before I forget: don't think I won't know if you call the police while you're logged out. If you think you can outsmart me, Wren, you're sadly mistaken."

Any hopes of sneaking a call to the police shattered. "Okay." I turned my attention to Charlie and Scott. "I love you guys. And I'm sorry."

"I love you too," they replied.

Vee rolled her eyes. "Just go."

After giving Charlie and Scott each a pleading look, begging them with my eyes to please forgive me for everything that was happening, I grabbed my keys and left the room, tightening my hold on my hood as I did.

The hardest part was getting off campus without anyone noticing the cuts on my face.

I kept a firm grip on my hood and my eyes downcast as I rushed outside and into the parking lot where my car sat. Luckily, there weren't too many people outside, so the chances of someone noticing were slim. And no one did. I arrived to my car without any problems, and after fumbling with the keys for a short moment, I ducked into my car and peeled out of the parking lot as fast as I could without causing alarm.

It didn't take long for me to lose Internet connection, and when I did, I let out a sob, gaze blurry as I made a right turn. Please don't let her kill them, I begged to no one in particular. Please, please, please, please.

The ride there was absolute hell. Every time I got stuck behind a red light, I barely kept myself from bursting into tears, the fear and guilt threatening to suffocate me. If Charlie and Scott died, it would be my fault. Vee would be the one who murdered them, yes. But I brought her to this. I was the one who stupidly made those posts. I didn't think twice about it at the time, I thought. Back then, I was feeling so shitty about myself that I didn't care who I took down with me. If only I could do everything over again...

Well, it didn't matter because I couldn't do it all over again. There was no fixing this wrong. I had ruined Vee's life, and now she was ruining mine.

I made it to the abandoned building on Walsh Street with two minutes to spare. I threw myself out of the car and onto the property, legs pumping as I raced around back and to the window Vee referred to. It wasn't very big, and I knew it would scrape my cuts, but I dove inside without any hesitation. I didn't pay any attention to my surroundings once I entered. I just hurried to my Internet settings, logged into the connection without password protection, and clicked the link that had started this entire thing.

Vee's face appeared moments later. "Well, look who it is!" she drawled with a toothy smile. "I'll be honest with you: part of me thought you would leave your friends to die. But I guess you proved me wrong."


My breathing stopped. Charlie. Her voice sounded thick, like she was crying. "Charlie?" I murmured. When Charlie tried to reply but found herself incoherent, alarm shot through me, hot and intense. "Let me see them!" I shrieked. "Let me see them!"

Vee's smile didn't waver as she swerved the camera to face my loved ones. Charlie was sagged in her seat, mascara running down her face. When the camera reached her, she lifted her head, remorse and fear filling her eyes. "S-Scott," she whispered. "She-"

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