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Kings lifeless body layed on the ground as he never got the chance to get sentenced in jail. With him resisting and firing at the cops. Injuring Que his life ended in a blink of a Eye. Him and King will soon make a Dollhouse in Hell while neither of them had a wedding. T-nites body is still in a dump. King was just buried with no family and friends. China now attends a all woman prison, the evidence they had upon her actually being in it with King sent her away for 16 years.(She currently has her roots relaxed.)

Rich and Hailey currently have a baby girl named Hope. They say they chose hope, because God gave them hope to see one another again. They plan on getting Married June 16,2015.

Trina, has accepted and moved on from Rich and is now dating girls. Her and her Girlfriend Raye are currently taking care of her son.

Lauren go the Chance to become a cop on the go. She is now working with Harry and Milton and she's and excellent cop.

-The end....

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