Nightmare Comfort Series: Kirishima Eijiro

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Pairing: Pro Hero Kirishima X gn!Reader

Summary: Kirishima comforts you after a nightmare.

Contains: SFW Fluff, Roommate Trope, Nicknames Used: Baby

Word Count: 686

Author's Note: It's been awhile since I've done a oneshot! There will be other characters in this series. No constructive criticism please; just getting in some writing practice. Thank ya.

Your eyes snapped open, heart pounding in your chest

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Your eyes snapped open, heart pounding in your chest. You gasped for air as you clenched the sweat-drenched sheets. You gingerly sat up. Your eyes slowly adjusted to the darkness around you. You reminded yourself that you were at home, in your room, and you were safe.

It was the same nightmare you've had for years now. It'd been awhile since you've had it, but the recent stress you've been under had it coming back in full force. With trembling hands, you pulled the covers off of you and stood up. Not only were your sheets soaked, but so were your pajamas. With an exhausted sigh, you stripped the bed sheets and replaced them with the ones you kept in the back of the closet that never quite fit right. Once the bed was put back together, you opened a dresser drawer and pulled out a clean shirt and bottoms.

As you were changing, you heard a couple of soft raps at your door. It could only be one of your two roommates. Once your shirt was successfully pulled over your head, you opened the door to find your roommate and favorite Pro Hero: Red Riot. He looked as tired as you felt. His long red hair was pulled up into a high bun which was a bit messy and lopsided from sleep. He gave you a half toothy smile as he leaned against the door frame.

"You okay, baby?" His voice was thick with sleep, but still concerned.

You had to crane your neck to get a good look at his face, the darkness making it harder to make out his features even if the man wasn't seven feet tall. "Mmm yeah. Just not sleeping that great."

"Can I come in?" He asked sweetly.

You nodded and held the door open. He shuffled in and sat down on your bed as you closed the bedroom door. Hopefully your other roommate was still fast asleep. You didn't realize you had been making enough noise to wake Kirishima next door. When you turned back towards him, he had his arms open. Without saying a word, you crawled into his lap and laid your head on his large chest. His strong arms circled around you. For someone so muscular, he was still soft and comfortable.

After a few moments, he asked, "Want to talk about it?" You shook your head.

It wasn't that you didn't think Kirishima wouldn't care or that you were ashamed of having nightmares at your age. You just wanted to forget about it. At least long enough to go back to sleep. He must have sensed what you wanted; he always had a knack for that.

"Wanna cuddle then? I'll rub your back until you fall back asleep." He offered as he began to rub small circles on your back.

"You need to sleep too, ya know." You poked him in the chest which made him chuckle.

He shrugged. "Well, I can sleep here if you're okay with that."

You mulled it over for a moment. It wouldn't be the first time you had slept in the same bed together. And you regularly cuddled, so... why not? Him being close would be comforting and help you fall back asleep. "I would like that actually."

"Yeah?" He asked, tipping your chin up to look into your eyes.

You nodded. "Mmhmm."

Him smiled and pulled you on top of him as he settled into your bed which was probably a bit too small for him to be honest. Kirishima didn't seem to mind though. He tucked you comfortably into his side, your head still on his chest. Once you were both settled, he gently traced circles into your back, occasionally running his fingers through your hair. He knew exactly how to relax you.

You could feel his chest moving up and down with each breath which became more deep and slow until he began to lightly snore. The even rising and falling of his chest was calming. With your nightmare mostly forgotten, you drifted off into a dreamless and peaceful sleep snuggled into Kirishima's comforting arms.

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