Childhood memories

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I sat on the bench in my house enjoying the view. It was a mesmerizing sight. Trees grew here and there. The sweet smell of nature. I took one glance at my surroundings and gazed up at the shining sun. "Beautiful". I thought. I watched my dogs wrestle with each other playfully. So cute and adorable. I wish I had their life. The carefree happy lives they were living in. It was like a dream come true. They had it so easy. I used to be like them when i was young. But time .It went by too fast and now I was leaving for college. It saddened me.

I sighed.

I loved my childhood life and I didn’t really like growing up to be an adult. It was hard but it was life. I looked back at the picture of  when I was 4 years old. The younger version of me that was standing by a waterfall so beautiful whilst my older sister took a picture of me. And then when I was 7 playing with my cousins hide and seek. We even had toys that consisted of cooking appliances. So we always cooked and pretended to eat. At that time, all I knew was to have fun. Playing pranks on my older sisters running around shouting. It was such happy times. Then when I was 8 I started to play with my neighbour .We played all sort of fun games. We even took some of the soil from the ground and tried to cook it. Then we gave it to our uncle to eat it.

I laughed to myself as i reminisced these past memories.

When you grow up you'll be exposed to loads of things. Some bad some good and you'll learn to be stress and responsible. Go to high school and face exams, friend dramas which mostly consisted of boyfriend troubles. How you had to always try to do the right thing because if you do a simple mistake people would start to talk. But that was just life. It was complicated.

I giggled silently as I remembered the time when my sisters and I found a long sheet of cloth and cut it to pieces to make our own stylish clothes. It was such an outrageous outfit when we were done with it. Like uncivillized people who lived in the jungles as survivors. Like Tarzan.

I wanted that life again. The carefree innocent life I used to live in. The ones where every child would live in some years of their life before they grew up and became an adult.

Every time I thought about those moments, silent tears of happiness mixed with sadness rolled down my cheeks. I learnt to accept the fact that this was life you just got to live it to the fullest. There were always going to be obstacles on the way but one could always be happy. Everyone could be.

I thought of the nicest memory to cheer myself up. The one where everyone,from my family and close family friends were at the beach barbequeing. When a whole bunch of us splashed water at each other and trying to build a sandcastle but failed happily.

I smiled at all those happy memories that popped in my head. The sweet memories. My childhood memories.


My childhood memories. I hoped you enjoyed reading it. :D One feeling I tend to get often. Nostalgia :')

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