Love, War, and Force Protocol (Lesbian Story)

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Authors note: This is another book that I'm writing:) I'm still going to upload on Loving Mother Monster as well as this one.

WARNING: GirlxGirl material. If you don't like that stuff, don't read this story.

Chapter 1

"GET ON THE GROUND, NOW!" I yelled after I kicked down the door of an old apartment. With my gun drawn I looked at the three hostages and the man with the shotgun behind them. He quickly grabbed a girl that looked to be nine and held the gun to her head. "Get any closer and I'll shoot!" the man said, holding her by the hair. I slowly put my gun to the ground because I didn't want the girl to get hurt. Rule number one of a hostage situation: Don't let the hostages get hurt. I looked up at the man and didn't say anything, I just stared. He looked confused at how I wasn't attempting to do anything, but I wasn't doing anything for a reason. I stepped closer and he cocked the trigger of the gun. "Don't hurt them." I said in a firm voice. He looked at my team who still had their guns drawn. "Put them down!" I ordered and they did with confused looks on their faces. 

The man that was holding the girl smiled, looking at me. He thought he had won; big mistake. In one swift action I grabbed his arm that was holding the girl and twisted it, causing him to yell while trying to aim the gun at me with his other. I kicked the gun out of his hand and it fell to the floor. He tried to swing at me but I saw is coming, kicking his legs out from underneath him. I grabbed the gun, pointing it at his heart when he tried to get up. "Don't move, you are under arrest" I said and his face fell. My team grabbed the man and put him in cuffs, reading him the Miranda Rights. 

I picked up my gun from the floor and was walking out when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see the little girl standing there staring up at me. "Yes?" I asked bending down so that I could be eye-level with her. "Thank you for saving me" she said and wrapped her arms around me in a tight hug. "It was no problem. Did he hurt you?" I asked, patting her back. "Yeah" she said and she showed me her elbow where there was a tiny scrape. I giggled "lets get you downstairs then" I said and picked her up, carrying her outside. Once I dropped her off at the ambulance I started walking back to my squad car. "Commander Jackson?" I heard and saw my chief standing there leaning against his car. "Yes chief?" I asked walking over to him. He was an old man but not too old. He really cared about me because I was the only woman commander that he had. "Good job" he said and patted my shoulder. I smiled "thanks chief" I said. "Head back to the base" he said and I nodded and went to my squad car.

I arrived at the base and went to my locker room. "Good job Tara" Vincent said looking in. "Thanks" I said smiling. Vincent has been my best friend since I can remember. We grew up together on the Upper East side of Manhattan. I smirked walking closer to him. "You did good too" I said, my lips inches from his. His breath hitched and he leaned in as I backed away, giggling. "You'll fall for me, just wait" he said and walked out. I rolled my eyes and took my bullet proof vest off. 

I was 25 years old and doing what I loved. I wasn't in the NYPD I was in the NYSF: New York Special Forces. It was the team that took care of hostage situations and dangerous missions. I am the commander of the squad and I didn't get that title so easily. I have been in the squad since I was 20 and I worked hard to get where I am now. I ran my hand through my dark long hair that had Caramel highlights. I looked at my piercing green eyes and my small figure. I wasn't that tall but I had abs and was really strong, but not the type of strong to where it looks like I'm on steroids. I had one tattoo and it was of a dragon that was on the left side of my waist. I was single and I wasn't really interested in anyone.

I took of the rest of my gear and put it in my locker. I walked out of the building and towards my black Chevy Camero. "TARA!" I heard someone shout from behind me. I turned around to see Kent walking towards me. He has also been my best friend since I was little. "Hey Kent" I said smiling as he picked me up in a hug. "How is my favorite girl?" He asked, showing off his perfect white teeth. I looked into his icy blue eyes. "Good, you?" I asked as he set me back down. "Great" he said and smiled. "Are you still with Hillary?" I asked, leaning against my car. "No, she was a bitch anyway" he said and I giggled. He hated Hillary ever since they started dating but didn't want to hurt her feelings. "I was kind of wondering if.." He trailed off wrapping his arms around me. "No" I giggled, pushing him away lightly. "Fine" he said. "I have to go home to feed him" I said and he smiled. "Fine" he said sounded like an annoyed toddler. I giggled and watched as he walked away.

I drive to my condo in the City and got to my door, hearing a dog bark madly behind it. I opened the door and my dog attacked me with kisses. "I missed you too. Monster!" I said, picking up my German Shepherd puppy. I was asked by my chief to put him into the force as a K-9 but I declined because I didn't want him to get hurt. I smiled, putting him down and walked into the kitchen to get him his food. He barked happily as I poured it into the bowl. I smiled and rubbed his head before walking away. I turned on the TV and walked over to the giant window that I had in the living room. I looked out of it to watch all of the New Yorker's walking down below in their winter coats and scarfs, scurrying around to get where they were going. I opened the drawer that I had and checked the gun to see if it was on safety. I have guns all over my condo but its only for safety reasons. I'm living alone and I'm a cop. Pretty sure that someone would try to do something. I laid down on the couch and looked at the news, seeing that the story was already on about the hostages being saved. I saw Monster looking up at me, waiting for me to pick him up to lay on my stomach. I picked him up and laid him down on my stomach, his head resting on my chest. I smiled, kissing his little head while rubbing his back. I looked back at the TV and before I knew it, I was consumed in sleep.

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