Romantic Justin Bieber imagine

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You wake up in a spazzing fit from a nightmare your having,your shaking and jerking your body and spring up as you wake up with tears streaming down your face.

you breath heavy trying to calm yourself down and you shakily wipe the tears from your feel a hand on your shoulder,"baby what's wrong??" Says Justin and he sits up and looks at you concerned,"I-I just had a nightmare...." you say a little unsteady. "Its okay baby I'm here, I'm here" he says as he wraps his arms around you and brings you into his chest as he lays you two back down on the bed. You silently sob into his chest griping his shirt as he drapes the blanket over the both of you. He holds you close and tight and strokes your hair "it's alright baby.....I'm here,your safe,I won't let anyone hurt you...I'm here..shhh baby......". He wipes your tears away and kisses your forehead "baby you need to sleep....." He begins to sing you to sleep as you calm down and start to relax under the touch and sound of your beautifully gorgeous boyfriend...... He snakes his hand under the blanket covering the both of you and begins to trace soothing patterns on your back."relax sweetheart....." You can't help but fall apart under his touch,he makes you feel like you are the only two people in the world, and you love that about him.

You finally fall asleep.mid way through your deep sleep you slip out of Justin's arms and turn on your wake up when you feel two arms wrap around you,Justin pulls you close so your back is up against him. You get the chills when you feel his lips connect with your neck "justin...." You whisper "mmmm" he groans back in response not wanting to remove his contact with you.after a while he removes his lips from your neck and pecks your jaw line, and then your turn over so you are face to face with your beautiful brown eyed boy, with his arms still wrapped around scoot closer so you can see his face in the dark only lighted by the moonlight through the window. He presses his lips against yours pulling you closer to him almost as a need to be as close to you as possible.

"I love you baby girl....." You nuzzle up to his chest and fall back into your deep sleep in his arms.

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