The Murphys

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Once there was a clan named Murphy that split into two different supernatural camps. One side became vampire hunters. The other practiced blood magic. There were other Murphys, of course, who had no idea that the supernatural world existed. But who they were or are is no longer known because in the early 1990s, Angel Murphy, the last of the vampire hunting Murphys, destroyed all the family records before murdering her half brother and sister-in-law and tried to sacrifice her niece in a non-existent magic ritual that she had been convinced was real by the blood sorceresses, Celeste Murphy.

Angel Murphy and her compatriots were torn to pieces before her niece's eyes by a group of vampires sent to rescue the 16 year old girl.

Now those who practice blood magic, so long as they don't play or lose their dreadful Game, are long lived, but it's difficult for them to have children. It takes a deal with the Fae, especially those whose natural powers compliment their blood magic such as Red Caps, or extreme spells and potions to have a biological child. The blood workers of the Murphy clan usually just adopted the "unwanted" children of the vampire hunting Murphys.

In 1692, blood sorceress Ciara Murphy, conspired with her vampire hunter twin brother, Fergal Murphy, to bring two Dhampire children - half vampire, half human, natural born vampire hunters - into the world. Their chosen target was Constance Maynard, a vampire at that time around 284 years old. A vampire whom, from the very first moment she rose from the grave, could walk in the sun. Showing power that is normally reserved for much older vampires. Who also restrained her hunger in such a way that she never harmed an innocent. The vampire's chosen targets were always humans who worked evil in this world. Murderers, rapists, pedophiles, racists, and other such scum. She had even been known from time to time to work with hunters to bring down supernaturals who harmed the innocent.

Usually a Dhampire was born from the union between a vampire who was biologically male and a human who was biologically female. While the reverse could happen, it was far more rare. And twins were virtually unheard of.

Then again, in those times pregnancy wasn't brought about by blood magic.

It took two years in total to enact their plan. First Fergal had to meet Constance and seduce her, convince her he admired her. Though Constance could read minds, Fergal had been well trained to shield his mind so it couldn't be penetrated by mind readers even in the deepest of slumbers. He would drink a series of potions before having sex with Constance. Potions that, when she'd sample his blood, would be passed on to her. Increasing both their fertility. Eventually the potions built up enough in the two of them that Constance became pregnant. Much to her shock.

What Constance never knew is she was pregnant with not one baby, but two. A boy and a girl. Blood magic kept the girl hidden from Constance's vampire senses by making her smaller, hiding her weaker heartbeat behind that of her brother's.

Then one night in Venice, in 1694, Constance went into labor in an abandoned house. Fergal used an enchanted blade to help perform a crude cesarian, for Constance healed far too fast to give birth the usual way. From her he swiftly withdrew Flaithbertach Murphy and his much smaller sister, Caldonia Murphy. Then, before Constance had a chance to heal and see her children, he set fire to the room and fled into the night, thinking he killed his betrayed lover in flames.

But Constance managed to punch through the floor, already weakened by her labor struggles, into the murky water that flooded the lower levels.

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