Phan Pt 2: Someone to Talk

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   I ran towards Phil as he crumpled towards the ground. His chest was still moving steadily up and down, so I grabbed the stuff scattered around the tree, threw it in my bag, picked him up gingerly, and did what I've wanted to do for years.

   I ran. I ran away from the things in my life that ruined it: my family, my so-called 'friends', and whoever was cruel enough to hurt Dan. I wasn't just running for me. I was running for him. The other kids completely ignored me, but I was glad. Attention, in this case, isn't good. I ducked into a thick forest and waved through the trees. My parents wouldn't miss me. They don't like me anyways.

   It seemed like I only ran for minutes, but the distance I spanned would've taken hours. In front of me was a small wooden house with only one slightly cracked window in the front. I carefully approached it, and, to my surprise, the door swung open to reveal a man.He wore a simple purple cloak with the hood pulled up in such a way that I couldn't see his face. I glanced down at Dan, and he seemingly followed my gaze.

   "Please help him," I whispered quietly. He stepped aside as if to invite me in, and I slowly walked inside.

   "Set him down," the man said calmly, motioning to the small couch near the entrance. I placed Dan on the couch carefully, taking in his appearance. His shirt was tattered and torn, his face was bruised, and blood seeped slowly through the fabric of his shirt. I couldn't speak. It was all just too horrible. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I looked at him. Battered. Wasted. That's when his eyes fluttered open. I ran up to him and hugged him, careful not to cause any more pain. He winced slightly, then hugged back. Then I remembered that we weren't alone. My face heated up as I pulled away. Dan was smiling thankfully at me, and I was smiling back. He got handed a small bottle with a this, pale pink liquid inside of it.

   "Drink this," the man said firmly. Dan shakily brought the container to his lips and drained it off its contents. Immediately, many of the bruises receded from his face. We both looked up at the man and at the same time said, "Thank you."

   "It was no problem," he replied. "You are welcome to stay here as long as you like. The guest rooms are upstairs." He paused for a moment before continuing. "And you can call me Seto." He walked into the next room, and we went upstairs to the guest rooms. Instead of going into two seperate rooms, we entered the same one.

   "Phil," Dan whispered.

   "Yeah?" I replied as I unpacked my bag. I had been packing to run away since we moved.

   "I love you."

   My face immediately went red as I smiled.

   "Me too."

   And for once, I had someone to talk so that I could listen.

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