Chapter 14 - humiliated

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[ Chloe's POV ]

What's wrong with him?! He's so-wait! What time is it?! I glanced on my watch and saw that it was already 7:15 "Omo! Sehun! We're gonna be late!" I shouted. He looked at his watch and saw the same thing "Yeah, your right, let's run" he smirked. 

"WAIT WHAT!" I shouted again "Yah! don't shout! You're gonna make my ears bleed" he irritatingly said. "Oh, sorry" I replied "Now, let's go!" he said excitingly then he immediately grabbed my right hand and we ran away.

Wow, I can feel his soft hand touching to mine. My cheeks are turning red now, gosh! Stop it Chloe.

As we've reached School, we both stopped running, trying to catch our breath. "We've made it." Sehun said while panting. "Yeah, we have 5 minutes left to go to our respective classes" I replied while panting too. We both looked at each other and chuckled. "Wow, your fast Chloe." he answered. "Y-yeah, Haha, you too" I replied. "Ok, I'll go now, see you later!" Sehun walked away. "Ok" I said and I also went off. We're different in going to our respective class, he goes on the right and I go on the left. As I've reached our classroom. I immediately went to my seat and at the same time, Ms. Park came. Phew, I made it on time. 

I heard someone called my name so I looked back and saw that it was Jamie. "Hey, you're almost late, why?" she whispered. I was about to spoke up but class started. "I'll tell it to you later" I whispered and she just nodded.




"Hey let's go now" Jamie said while dragging me and Mia. "Ok, slow down, gosh." Mia said, straightening her top. "Yeah, why are you in a hurry?" I asked Jamie. "M-maybe, Chanyeol Oppa is waiting for us, let's go." she said, pouting. "Haha, wake up Jamie!" Mia shouted. "Aigoo, you don't have to shout." Jamie replied. "Guys, let's just go." I answered and they nodded.

We all have our orders, so we went to our table and started eating. "Chloe, can you pass the ketchup?" Mia said. "Oh, here" I passed it to her. I remembered something, "Guys, are you going to watch the game?" I asked them. "Of course we will, EXO will be playing and we have to be there" Jamie pleaded. "You're coming too right?" Mia added. "Uh, y-yeah sure" I replied and we continued eating. After we're done, Jamie spoke up, "Oh! Chloe, I almost forgot, you were almost late earlier, why?" Jamie asked. "It's because of Sehun, he gave me his phone number" I said while looking down I covered my ears because I know that they're gonna be shocked. "W-what?! He gave you his phone number?!" they both yelled, and people started to look at us. "Yah, can you keep it down please?!" I murmured. "Oh, sorry, it's just your so lucky Chloe" Mia uttered. "Y-yeah." Jamie pouted. "Don't say that guys" I smiled.

"Anyway, let's go now" Jamie said and we went off.

As we've reached our classroom, I sat on my seat and studied. Minutes later, our teacher came and she has an announcement. Class, our lessons will only be two and a half hours because of the Basketball Game,Ok? So let's start discussing now". She said and Class started.


Class is over now so we went to the gymnasium. We sat on the front row. I took out my phone to play games because it's not yet starting. While I'm playing, Jamie squealed. "Kyaaaa~ Chanyeol~~~" she said while waving to Chanyeol, but he's not looking. "Aww, pity you, he can't hear you" Mia teased her. "Yah! stop it!" Jamie said irritatingly. I just chuckled, "I'll try" I murmured but I think they could not hear me because they're fighting. Then I called him, "Chanyeol!" Wow, he really heard me. "Chloe, your so good" Jamie pouted, just then Chanyeol approached us. "Hey! Chloe! Nice to see you again. I knew you'd make it."

"Yeah, by the way, where's Sehun?"

"He went out to change to his jersey"

"Oh ok"

"Hey I better go now, they're calling me, by guys!"

"Bye!" the three of us replied.

"Did you saw that guys?! He looked and smiled at me" Jamie said and I think she's gonna melt because of happinesss. "Yeah, pfttt BIG DEAL" Mia replied and looked away. "Aishh, your just jealous." Jamie pinched her cheeks. "Yah! stop it you two, the game is starting." I said and they stopped.

As the game started, I looked for Sehun and when I found him, my heart starts beating faster. Wow he's so hot, wait what am I thinking? Arhhh never mind. I heard fan girls screaming even Jamie and Mia, They're supporting EXO. Well I should too but I don't have the guts.

There Chanyeol goes, he shoots! He scores! Yay! It's the last quarter. The crowd went going wild. The opposing team has the possession of the ball but luckily, Sehun got it. The crowd went wild and crazy. The opposing player is blocking Sehun's path. My heartbeat goes faster and faster. I feel uneasy. Just then I stood up and shouted "GO SEHUN! YOU CAN DO IT!" . I got shocked of what I did. my seatmates look at me. it's so awkward and embarrassing. I looked at Sehun again. He chuckled and shoot. It was a buzzer-beater. They made it. They won the game.


Finally, it's dismissal, I have to get out of this place. I searched for Sehun and luckily I saw him talking with his friends. I went towards him and spoke up. "S-sehun, let's go now" I murmured pulling his shirt. "Ok guys, see you on Monday" he said to his friends and we went off.

While we're walking, he spoke up. 

"You were really funny earlier, I can't believe everybody looked at you" he laughed. "Aissh, I know, I was humiliated in front of many people. I can't believe I did that." I said,looking down. 

"Haha, too bad cause you just did" he chuckled. "Y-yah! you should be thankful I cheered for you! Because your team would not probably win if it wasn't for me" I replied. 

He chuckled " I know, thanks for your support!" he said and he ruffled my hair.

After minutes and minutes of walking, we've reached Home. "Bye Sehun, see you tomorrow" I said. "Ok, you too." He replied and we went to our respective houses.

AS I got in, I saw Mom and Dad so I greeted them with a smile and a hug. And I dressed myself and we ate dinner. After that, I head upstairs to do my homeworks, after that, I ready myself to go to sleep...


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