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Chapter 1: It all started 300 years ago

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There once was town that had two groups living it. Humans and Mage's. They got along together very well. In fact if one of the humans got sick the Mage's will help.

It was in rein of King Xaver that everything changed. He grew frighted of them. He thought they will rise up against him and take over. So he ordered the execution of all the Mage's in the country.

When one of the Mage's named Shoran over heard the order he help a family escape. It was flawless but it went wrong. At the edge of the town they were caught. Shoran refused to use magic against the King and died in doing so.

Once Shoran was dead the King turned to the two adult Mage's. With a single order the two were execute. It was then he realised that six where missing. He turned to his troops and orders them to find the six children and execute them where they stand.

Unknown to the king the six children where already out the town. They never stopped riding there horses. The older sibling patted his younger sisters head. It was his job to protect his siblings.

"Shino! Look ahead." Luka shouted pointing ahead.

Shino looked ahead and his eyes widened. He flicked his wrist and his sword appeared. He made the horse go full speed and slashed at the Knight. He flicked the blood of the blade and it vanished. He slowed the horse down to a walk and turned to his other brothers.

"We should head East." Shino said and Luka nodded his head so did the other brothers.

"Hai! Shino!" They answered and Shino smiled clicking the horses rains his sister snuggled to her brother and fell asleep.

" Sleep peacefully Akaira." He said softly with a smile.

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