Chapter 5

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"A Grain of Truth"

The next day, YN was in her cabin doing her work when she heard a knock at the cabin door. Before she could reply, the door opened and the person walked in without waiting for the permission. It was Jungkook. It was new, but the smile on Jungkook's face made him glow.

JK : " Good morning." He walked to her and to her surprise picked her up putting her on the table and hugged her getting in between her legs. The move made her laugh as her arms wrapped themselves around him.

YN :" Oh, Where's the shy man from yesterday night. " He groaned at that thought. He was really being a mess last night. A neverous wreck. His hands rested on her waist as he pulled back and kissed her lips.

JK :" That was a one time thing okay?"

YN :" You were cute, c'mon. I was ready to protect my shy babyyyy." She teased more and he rolled his eyes but at the end, reflected his handsome smile in response. As long as he got to see that pretty smile he was ready to be teased.

JK :" How about a dinner tonight?"

YN :" A Romantic candy light dinner you mean. "She grinned and he sighed in relief knowing she had no problem with that. He, or more like his heart really needed time to settle around her. It always became a nervous wreck beating loudly as if going to rip out of the rib cage.

JK :" Yes that. I will pick you up at 8" He kissed her again and helped her get down the table. He left and she took a seat on her chair again. Her smile fell getting back to her neutral expressions only the difference was, those eyes were unreadable. Those eyes reflected anger which was unlikely of her.


Once he got out of the room, he was ready to see things according to what he imagined but to be his surprise nothing went accordingly. His steps slowed down when his eyes fell on the freshly made breakfast on the table. He was ready to see YN in a grumpy mood. But she was there looking all fine bringing the coffee mugs from the kitchen looking as fresh as ever.

YN :"Come have breakfast."

JK :" Where's Jess?" He completly ignored the delicious variety laid itself before him on the table as his eyes roamed around looking for their personal maid.

YN : " I asked her not to come today. "

JK :" What are you trying to prove here? "She closed her eyes letting out an exhale. She could see her pleasent mood getting ruined already. She figured it out in the morning Jungkook just wanted to bother her. Even if it was not the case and the two might have done things she feared, she was not going to let it come to her. Or atleast she was not going to show him that. And so, she woke up early, cleaned the room, washed up herself and made breakfast for him.

YN :" I just made breakfast Jungkook. I am not trying to prove anything here. Can we like please eat in silence without fighting?"

JK : "I don't think that's possible."

JK :" Infact, you know what. Whatever you are trying to do here that's not possible. I can see it yeah? The more I torture you the more I get a reaction that it never effects you and what? You think I will just forget everything and give you another chance? Do you think this is a fucking joke? I Will just move on and accept you like a fucking Saint. "

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