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Hayes's POV
I loved this school Davisdson was the worst school I have ever been to. I love the group I am with because they are fans, there nice, and they are not those fake kinda people we mostly hang out with. Nash looks really into kalolaine like a lot they are even holding hands. Me and Marina just met and all we did was just talk and hug........twice. Matthew and Kimberly were just acting like nobody was watching them, Matthew had her arm around her like its not problem I don't really blame them lol.

Jennifer's POV
I love Jai so much we have been together for two years and he is sadly leaving 2 weeks to go on tour. Yes, he is in a group called Janoskians I love their song especially "friend zone" cause I just like it. Ever since the day I seen Jai I knew he was the one that I love and I am glad to call him mine.

Kimberly's POV
You may are not know but I know it's crazy that me and Matthew just saw each other but he asked me out and of course I said yes because I love him so much. Since nobody was looking we quickly kissed me just a peck though he made me feel the luckiest girl in the world I just bit my lip the whole time after the kiss. Ahhhh I just love him so much I can't even explain.

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