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1.     What book loosely inspired me to write The Suit War?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll loosely inspired The Suit War.

2.     Usually the characters that I create choose their own names, but that wasn't the case in TSW. With that in mind, why did I choose "Celia" as the name of the protagonist?

I chose "Celia" because it is an anagram of "Alice" (which references Alice's Adventures in Wonderland).

3.     The Suit War was not always going to be the title of this book. There were two other titles that I'd considered before settling on TSW. Can you name one or both of those titles?

1) Deck of War

2) Wild Card

4.     People have had interesting guesses as to how old I am (some were close ... some were not so close). Anyway, how old (in years) was I when I wrote The Suit War?

I was nineteen years old when I wrote The Suit War.

5.     Going along with the previous question, what month and year did I write (the first draft of) The Suit War? Answer using a month and a year (for example, April 2015).

I wrote (the first draft of) The Suit War in August 2012.

6.     The jokers help the aces numerous times throughout the book, but that wasn't always going to be their role. What initial role did I have planned for the jokers in The Suit War?

The jokers were initially going to be jesters in the royal court.

7.     Naturally, as the author, I love many different one-liners in the book ... but what is my favorite line in the entire book?

"He—he kicked me in my diamond jewels," Winder said softly.

8.     How many words is The Suit War? Round your answer to the nearest thousand (ex: 17,000 words). I'll give it to you if your guess is over or under by 2,000 words.

The Suit War is about 50,000 words.

9.     In The Suit War, the kingdom of Hearts is divided into four sectors. Why?

The kingdom of Hearts is divided into four sectors because the human heart has four chambers.

10.  I used a lot of unique names throughout The Suit War. How did I come up with the name "Fiyera"?

"Fiyera" stems from Fiyero, the Prince in Wicked.

11.  Some people have commented about how they expected two aces to be girls and two aces to be boys, but there was a reason why I didn't do that. What well-known group of four inspired me to make one ace a girl and three aces boys?

The Wizard of Oz quartet: Dorothy, the Scarecrow, the Tinman, and the Cowardly Lion

12.  What inspired me to make the ace be the lowest rank in society and possibly the most powerful person in the world at the same time?

I was inspired by the fact that an ace can be either a low card or a high card (or both) in various card games.

13.  For the purposes of The Suit War, what is my favorite playing card and why?

The King of Hearts because his "suicide king" image on that card inspired the beginning of The Suit War. Without that beginning, I don't know how I would have got the ball rolling for the rest of the story.




I was VERY impressed with all of your answers; I thought that even the answers that we're correct were really creative and/or well-thought out! THANK YOU TO EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO PARTICIPATED IN THE SUIT WAR TRIVIA GAME! I hope you had fun and maybe learned some secrets about my story! :D

Love you all!

J.B. Kantt <3

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