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Chapter 1

Chresanto Augest/Roc Royal

"Roc darling_ we need to talk." Jessica said through the phone.

"Jess, babe I'm kinda busy right now." I said, looking back at my best friends practicing over the route for the up coming tour.

"Roc_darling, it can't wait I'm moving back to New York tomorrow_"she said, sounding annoyed.

I frozen in the spot and hastily walked out of the studio, "What?!"

She sighed, "I'm moving back to New York." She said slowly talking in disdain.

I sighed not knowing what to do, " Don't talk to me like that... just hold up I'm coming over." I said before hanging up. Walking back into the studio I started packing my gym bag.

"Yo, Roc! where you going?" I heard Ray Ray say, as he hit the pause button.

"Jessica" I replied

"Nah man not this again..." Prince said in a strangled voice.

"Yeah, Roc... Prince is right." Prodigy agreed. "You can't keep on doing this, the girl is a she devil who only cares for herself. " he continued.

I signed," I'm sorry guys but I need to go." Prod shook his head, Prince ran his hand through his hair, Ray just sighed and hit the play button.

I sighed and put on my hood, grabbing my bag I left the studio.


Jessica's Apartment

"Jess, babe_ I knocked, okay I banged on the door_open the door!" I shouted

"Relax.... Jeess I'm coming!" I heard her say on the other side of the door.

I sighed,"Just open the door Jess..." I hissed.

She opened the door, wearing only a t-shirt that happened to be mine. " Chresanto..." She smiled sweetly.

"Jessica,- I pushed the door opened and walked in uninvited- what game are you playing at, I sighed, you pulled me out of my rehearsal Jess." I hissed as I spoke.

She turned around and raised her eyebrows at me. " I'm not playing any game, Roc my best friend is sick, and since I'm done here I think I can go back home." She said.

"Done!_ I throw my gym bag on the floor and turned to her_ What Do You Mean Your Done?!" I shouted, I know I was being ridiculous but damn I was in love with her. I didn't want to lose her. We'd been dating only for 3months, when I just finally got her to open up to me, she was as hard as a rock but somehow I got through.

"I mean, its not gonna work out Roc, I know I sound horrible but even if we did try, I'm not gonna lie I'll probably cheat on you the first day I'm away._ I stood there still not believing that the girl of my dreams actually didn't care_ so you see I'm saving us all the heart break." She smiled hesitantly.

I looked up to her, she was truly beautiful I wasn't that kind of guy that dated white chicks but somehow Jessica made a break through. I smiled sadly," You know what's funny?" I asked her