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Chapter 1

Chresanto Augest/Roc Royal

"Roc darling_ we need to talk." Jessica said through the phone.

"Jess, babe I'm kinda busy right now." I said, looking back at my best friends practicing over the route for the up coming tour.

"Roc_darling, it can't wait I'm moving back to New York tomorrow_"she said, sounding annoyed.

I frozen in the spot and hastily walked out of the studio, "What?!"

She sighed, "I'm moving back to New York." She said slowly talking in disdain.

I sighed not knowing what to do, " Don't talk to me like that... just hold up I'm coming over." I said before hanging up. Walking back into the studio I started packing my gym bag.

"Yo, Roc! where you going?" I heard Ray Ray say, as he hit the pause button.

"Jessica" I replied

"Nah man not this again..." Prince said in a strangled voice.

"Yeah, Roc... Prince is right." Prodigy agreed. "You can't keep on doing this, the girl is a she devil who only cares for herself. " he continued.

I signed," I'm sorry guys but I need to go." Prod shook his head, Prince ran his hand through his hair, Ray just sighed and hit the play button.

I sighed and put on my hood, grabbing my bag I left the studio.


Jessica's Apartment

"Jess, babe_ I knocked, okay I banged on the door_open the door!" I shouted

"Relax.... Jeess I'm coming!" I heard her say on the other side of the door.

I sighed,"Just open the door Jess..." I hissed.

She opened the door, wearing only a t-shirt that happened to be mine. " Chresanto..." She smiled sweetly.

"Jessica,- I pushed the door opened and walked in uninvited- what game are you playing at, I sighed, you pulled me out of my rehearsal Jess." I hissed as I spoke.

She turned around and raised her eyebrows at me. " I'm not playing any game, Roc my best friend is sick, and since I'm done here I think I can go back home." She said.

"Done!_ I throw my gym bag on the floor and turned to her_ What Do You Mean Your Done?!" I shouted, I know I was being ridiculous but damn I was in love with her. I didn't want to lose her. We'd been dating only for 3months, when I just finally got her to open up to me, she was as hard as a rock but somehow I got through.

"I mean, its not gonna work out Roc, I know I sound horrible but even if we did try, I'm not gonna lie I'll probably cheat on you the first day I'm away._ I stood there still not believing that the girl of my dreams actually didn't care_ so you see I'm saving us all the heart break." She smiled hesitantly.

I looked up to her, she was truly beautiful I wasn't that kind of guy that dated white chicks but somehow Jessica made a break through. I smiled sadly," You know what's funny?" I asked her

She smiled and shook her head, making her pale blonde hair bounce in her face," You already broke my heart." I said as I pulled her into a hug. Leaving I went back to the studio only to find it empty.

I danced to what seemed like hours just to break off the steam. At 6.30pm I closed up and went home.

I got home to find the guys sitting in the TV room, playing xbox, to tired to acknowledge them I went up stairs to my room, i hooked up my ipod to the dock blasting on Lil wayne , I went and took a hot steaming shower. When I got out I did 100 sit-ups then dressed in some boxes and tee.

I went down stairs to find the guys still playing on the xbox and Ray Ray eating a taco while playing I had to laugh at that.

I took a bottle of water and sat down on the couch. "No, Jessica tonight_ huh?" wiggled his eyebrows, Princeton asked.

"Nah she broke up with me today." All a sudden everything was quite. I looked up to see all the guys staring at me.

"No, Shit Man!" Ray shouted.

I laughed and nodded my head.

"What happened Roc, you seem torn up?" Prod asked.

"I ain't gonna say shit, but all I'm saying is after this tour I'm going after her" I said out loud.

Princeton laughed " Damn, man you whipped"

"You have no clue..."

"Did she say why at least" Ray asked

"She's moving back to New York tomorrow."

"Shit just like that no warning, damn man that's why I don't stick to one girl too long." Prod said.

"But man they dated like for 3months and you have been with Beauty for 5months." Ray smirked.

"Shut it Ray!" Prod growled at Ray.

"Make me?" Ray laughed at Prod's expression, but kept quite and ate his taco.

We sat there until 1am, talking about Jessica. I kept on thinking maybe I could convince Jessica if she could stay but I knew it was stupid the girl was thicker then iron.

3months Later: Dakota Summers (New York City)

Gloria and I kept on fighting on the fact that I was living with Jessica. Okay maybe I get her point but did she not trust me that much. We'd been dating for 6months now and she still thought Jessica and I were a sex item, but seriously I would never do that, after what I went through.

"Gloria, sweetie. I love you more than my Sunday dish, your my only girl." I said before I captured her silky pouting lips.

She kissed me back with more passion, pushing her onto the couch, I moved her brown shoulder length hair out of face and slowly, teasing her I kissed her on her neck. Sucking and nibbling onto her chocolate, creamy, smooth neck, I pushed her bra up and tightly pulled her tight nipples with her the layer of clothes still between us.

Slowly, but tightly pulling her button up top apart and the buttons popped across the room. Kissing her swollen lip, I worked on her swollen nipples through the thick second layer skin of her bra. Her small delicate hands working on my jeans, feeling the vibration of the zip as she slowly pulled it down. Moaning in her mouth I revealed her beautiful breast nipples hard, as she put two fingers in me the door bell ran through the house scaring the heck out of the both of us.

We both giggled, standing up, I quickly kissed Gloria on the cheek and watched her ran to my bedroom with only her white shorts.

The door bell ran again making me roll my eyes. When I couldn't see my hot girlfriend's cute ass I stomped up to the door and throw it open.

Only to come Face to Face with Mindless Behavior...

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