Chapter IX: Dragon vs Spider

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Previously on demon slayer story...

Msd: Why are you helping me?

Y/N: You never ask to be a demon, so I'm offering you chance escape from this.

Msd: O-ok, thank you-

???: So there's my little sister.

Y/N draw his swords looking around and another demon landed in front of them, revealing her lower body a arachnid as her upper body a person and msd was trembling fear.

Spider demon: Once again, you're making this family disappointed again.

Y/N: Spiders, why did it had to be spiders....We're so fxcked...

The scene then faded to black.


We see Y/N training with his uncle by attacking him with wooden swords

Uncle: You have good speed but not good enough. Use your eyes to focus on the demons speed, the more you focus with your eyes the slower things will get. Giving you every advantage you can reach. But more importantly focus on your breathing.

Y/N: Yes sensei!

Y/N continues to attack him but he accidentally drop his wooden sword from his mouth but still attacking him until his uncle sweeps Y/N legs and he falls on the ground.

Y/N: Frustrated. Urgh! I was so close this time!

Uncle: But you didn't because you dropped your third sword.

Y/N: Sit up. I still don't get why do we need a 3rd sword! I highly doubt it would cut a demon neck!

They were both silent as his uncle looks at him until he puts his hand on his nephews shoulder as he lower himself to Y/N level.

Uncle: Y/N...I know you want to master the family's technique and you're doing your best.

Y/N: Sigh. I know...

Uncle: But the truth can't master it until you understand it...So let my ask you a question.

Y/N: Hmm?

Uncle: Do you ever wonder why we only use three swords for this kind of breathing?

Present/Mount Natagumo

Spider demon: Hand over my little sister so she may face her punishment, then I'll kill you painless.

Y/N: Step forward. No

Spider demon: Murderous smirk. Good.

Y/N: To Msd. Go. I'll handle this.

She nod before she ran away but then her sister charges towards her.

Spider demon: You're not getting away you brat!

She was about to use her web but Y/N cuts them and guards Msd.

Y/N: Dont ignore your enemy when you're facing them! You're fight is with me!

Spider demon: Oh my, well I guess I'll kill you either way. But I promise it'll be more painfully enough that you'd want to die. Grinn.

Y/N: And now I'm regretting for sure...Well let's do this anyway

Y/N draw all his swords and look at msd to go now this fight is mine. She nods and runs away from the mountain.

Spider demon: Get ready! Because here I come!

She uses her right hand claw to attack and he blocks the attack but then she moved her other hand with some spider webs. Y/N saw it so he immediately jumps back almost getting trapped by her webs.

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