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Marina's POV
It was another boring day of class in ELA, are substitute told us to read are book for 30 minutes and I think in my mind its a perfect time to read Fanfictions on WATTPAD. Typical me. As I was reading a fanfiction I heard a knock on the door, i didn't bother to look who it was even when the substitute introduced him/her. I feel someone looking at me, I look up and I can not believe what I am seeing with two of my eyes the one and on,y Hayes Grier. "Uhh can I sit here" he said breaking the silence "uhhh ummm yeah sure" I say awkwardly
I was freaking out inside but chill on the outside, I was about to cry I love magcon so much and I am meeting one of the guys right now. "Can we share the book we are suppose to read" he asks " of course" I say "I'm sorry to ask a lot of questions but do you know what time it is" he says chuckling a bit I open my iPad then I realize I have a wallpaper picture of Hayes Grier and in my mind I said 'oh shit' "it's 9:00" I say he automatically hugs me of course I hug back because I love him " I know you were a fan " he says I don't say anything he pulls away and smiles and we start to read.

-after class-

"Hey I didn't get your name" he says "oh ya, sorry about that I am marina" I say "cool, what class do we have now" he says "my favorite recess/break" I say running to are home room to get my football. He catches up to me when I see Kalolaine hanging with Nash lol, Jennifer Sebban with Jai brooks they have been dating 2 years she loves him to death, and my other friend Jocelyn is with Shawn Mendes.

-while me and Hayes are playing football-

As me and Hayes were playing football everybody seems to stare at us, kalolaine, or Jocelyn but we didn't mind. I can see Jennifer, kalolaine, Jocelyn coming are way (with the guys) oh and did forget to mention Matthew Espinosa is here to with my other friend Kimberly. As all of us were in the sidewalk of the school "so, how do you guys like it here" Kimberly asks "it's cool" Nash says "I'm sorry but can all of us have a hug from each one of you cause we are big fans, but we won't use you in any way cause we are not those type of people at all." I say "sure" or "yeah" they all say and we all hug them I loved it so much especially Hayes.

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