Chapter One 11:11 p.m

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My eyes snap open, and I realize that my alarm hasn't gone off. I clumsily reach for my phone, knocking over loose items on my night stand in the process. I groan as the screen lights up and shows me that it's 8:26AM. I am running 30 minutes late.. Again. I did this last week as well. I mentally slap myself for being so irresponsible. I hastily throw the covers off in a panic making Finn hop off the bed, and duck under a chair in the corner of my room.

"Not again. Not again." I mutter as I peel off the baggy shirt I am wearing. I grab my uniform for work off of the pile of clean laundry, that desperately needs to be folded. I pull the dark blue polo over my head, and yank  my simple black pants on. I pick up the pile of clothes, and throw on the floor of my closet. Staying on top of the chores was almost impossible with the amount of work I had been doing this past month. Honestly, I like it though. I like working all of the time, because it keeps me distracted from my thoughts. It keeps me out of my empty house and forces me to socialize. I needed this job and I love it.

I go into my bathroom, and try my best to make it look like I'm not completely exhausted. After running a brush through my hair, I pull the dark strands into a messy braid, and secure my hair in place with a hair tie . I look at my reflection in the mirror and all I see are my tired blue eyes. I let out a long sigh. Today was definitely going to be a long one...

I lock up the apartment and make my way down to the old coffee shop, around the block from my apartment. I check the time. I have 20 left minutes to spare. There was no way I would be late again, so I pick up my speed. When I finally reached the little shop I am out of breath. I look at the clock one more time and let out a happy sigh, "Nice. Right on time!"

I walk through the doors with my head held high. I decided on way to work that I would make today a good one, even though I am exhausted as hell. I clock in and throw on my apron. I walk to the front by the cash register. I greet customers as they come in and even attempt to throw a smile on my face so that I don't scare off the customers.

I hear a small laugh behind me, and a "hey girl!"

I quickly glance behind my shoulder. Jessica my co worker and best friend has just arrived for her shift. Working with my best friend is the best thing in the world. We have a really special bond and she understands me completely. I watch as she effortlessly throws her bright red hair into a huge messy bun on the top of her head. I wish I had her confidence. She grins at me, and grabs an apron hanging on some hooks.

"I'm assuming your alarm didn't go off?" She raises her eyebrows at my messy braid and tired eyes.

"This wouldn't be the first time." rolling my eyes. We both laugh and get to work.

The day drags on slowly but it isn't horrible. The customers have all been friendly today and it puts me in a good mood.. I glance at the clock on the wall in front of me, and realize it's my break time. I walk to the back of the shop and sit down in a random chair. I close my eyes and it feels so good. Even though today has been doing great, I still feel a headache coming on. I close my eyes and groan rubbing my temples. Jeez, I need some sleep.

When my shift ends I hang up my apron and wave goodbye to Jessica.
"Love you!" She yells obnoxiously loud as she leaves.

I yell back an "I love you", and grab my coffee and bag off of the counter and head for the exit. I could not wait to get home and take a long nap. My phone dings in my pocket and I look down to check it. When I look back up, I collide with something hard. My mouth opens in mid shout, as I watch my coffee fly from my hand, onto a very well dressed man. He is wearing a light grey suit, and unfortunately it looks expensive. Feeling embarrassed I avoid looking at his face and begin rubbing at one of the stains with some napkins I was holding.

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