Tears running down my cheek, I still struggled to get out of his grip.

"P-Please.." I choked out. "I-I can-cant..."

"Come on, you can't what?" Dwayne mocked

"You is one pathetic asshole" Jasmine said.

"Excuse me?"

"Your a sorry ass excuse for a man, look at what your doing to these women" jasmine said sternly.

Was she trying to get killed?

Dwayne once again laughed. " you know what, ion got time for this shit"

Dwyane moved his index finger to the trigger, and my heart almost stopped.


Everyone's attention went to my front door. Where Teri stood.

"Teresa..." Dwayne mumbled. His grip loosened as he staired at her.

Seconds later he let me go, stepping towards her. Jasmine and loura ran over to me, as I desperately gasped for air.

"Oh my god, loren are you okay?" Jas asked hugging me.

"I..... I'm fine" I breath heavily

"Loren, I'm scared" loura cried.

"I know."

I looked over at my mom, she still laid on the floor, but she was groaning.

"Mom.." I said nearly audible, before quickly crawling over to her. Jasmine and loura followed me.

"Shit.." Jasmine said once she saw the blood.

"Dwayne, what are you doing?!" Teri said.

"Teresa. Its been so long"

"18 years" teri said

"Ah, fuck" my mom groaned as she sat up, her hand holding her head.

"Are you okay?" I asked.
She looked at me, her eyes widened.

"I'm so sorry, I'm sorry loren, I'm so sorry" she cried.

"Its okay" i sniffed

"He has a gun, Elana" jasmine whispered.

"I know, he knocked me out with it" she groaned.

"Yeah, and now he got it pointed at my momma" Jas said through her teeth.

"What the fuck , you gon do with that Dwayne? Shoot me!? Go a head, SHOOT ME! You already hurt me enough, you can't hurt me no more!" Teri yelled.

"I hurt you? I never laid a hand on you!" Dwyane argued.

"YOU LEFT! WHEN I NEEDED YOU THE MOST!" teri said on the verge of crying.
At that moment Jasmine stood up, with a confused look on her face.

"What?" Jasmins said. Dwayne turned around and pointed his gun at us.

"Get in the fucking corner" dwayne said.

No one moved.

"ALL OF YOU! NOW!" He ordered. And like roaches we scattered. All except jasmine, she stood there.

"Mom what did you just say"

"Mom?" Dwayne repeated.

"Jasmine go in the corner" Teri said.

"Jasmine...." Dwayne frowned his eyebrows.

"I named my first daughter Jasmine" he repeated.

Jasmine still stood there, staring at her mom. I tried piecing together myself as I thought about wat Teri and Dwayne was saying.

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