Master Plan

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I yawn tasting my disgusting morning breath. I'm so hot right?

I get up and look in the mirror. I'm surprised to say that my hair isn't too terrible. I plug in my straightener and start brushing, well ripping, the tangles out of my hair. I brush my teeth and successfully get rid of the morning breath. I then straighten my hair until it's smooth. I go over to my vanity and put on my makeup. I don't like to stand out, so I do basic makeup. I apply my eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss.

I walk over to my closet and pull out my favorite ACDC muscle tee. I pair it with an electric blue sports bra. I add black ripped skinny jeans and top it all off with my silver high tops.

I look myself over once more before dashing downstairs. I grab my keys off the hook, unplug my phone and grab my head phones.

"Bye mom!"



Just as I say that, my backpack comes flying at me. I catch it with an oomph and look at my mom in surprise. She just shrugs and continues sipping her coffee.

"BYE MOM!" I yell this time.


I guess she got the memo.

I walk outside to my cherry red Jeep. My fav part about my car is the license plate


I giggle every time I see that. My mom still hasn't figured out what it is supposed to say and I'm okay with that.

You must be thinking that for someone who doesn't want attention, I sure do attract a lot. You would be surprised how dense people are.

I pull out of my drive way and text my BFF Rebecca

"Hey girly. Coming to get you now. Be ready." I hit the send button and ten seconds later my phone buzzes. Damn she is a fast texter.

"Hey gurl. Will be ready don't worry!"

I smile because she is way to excited for senior year.

I pull into her driveway and she immediately runs out and into my passenger seat.

"Ready Freddy?"


I pull out of her driveway and off to school. She then starts rambling about the games and how she is so nervous because she only knows four virgins and they choose five at a time. I shook my head at her and asked "Who?"

"You, Me, Lindsey, Tiffany and I don't know the last one." She smiles sheepishly.

I sigh," I guess we will find out who the fifth is later."

I knew this day was coming but I was so hoping I could avoid the games

Rebecca looks at me and says "What are you thinking about so hard?"

I pull over and look at her dead in the eye. "I have a plan."

I pull her in and whisper my plan into her ear

"All I caught was virginators, trick, other girls and end games."

"I said that we should trick the virginators into falling for four of us, thus ending the games. Remember they can't like the victim."

She looks thoughtful for a few seconds before saying "that could work. But we have to get the other girls in on it before they get picked."

"Easy Peezy!"

"How?" She doubts me.

I tsk her," Don't you remember that they choose the victims on the second day of school. They aren't around on the first day. They always sit out back and smoke."

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