Suzume's POV

   I woke up before dawn, nervous and excited at the same time. It's finally the last day of the chunin exams- after today, I might become a chunin! But the stupid plan might get in the way.

* * *

   We received special recognition from the Hokage He said that eleven people made it to this round, and important people are watching, and may hire us if they like us. Gaara poked me, motioning up toward where Father, the Kazekage, was seated. Gaara glared at him in disgust, his hands trembling.

   "Alright," The proctor said. He no longer had a cough, and looked and sounded much better. "Those participating in the first match, Naruto Uzumaki and Neji Hyuga, may remain on the battlefield, everyone else proceed to the balcony."

   Slowly, everyone dispersed, making their way to the balcony. I stood with Gaara, Temari, and Kankuro. I wasn't in the mood to be with Shikamaru, or anyone else.

   The battle was amazing. Neji apparently had another jutsu under his belt- a defensive rotation technique that deflects an attack. At first it was almost obvious that Neji would win.  But in the end, with the help of the 9 Tails, Naruto prevailed, against all odds. Funny thing was, after the whole battle, he still had the energy to run around, blowing kisses for the crowd.

   Next was Sasuke VS Gaara. Strangely, Sasuke wasn't here yet. They ended up postponing the match, making the next match Kankuro VS Shino.

   Kankuro glanced at Temari, and Temari just nodded back. What was he plotting?

   "Proctor!" He called out. "I withdraw! So please, advance to the next match."

   The proctor sighed. "Shino Aburame wins by default," He said, earning some angry words from the crowd.

   It was Temari's turn next. Before the proctor even called her down, she drifted to the battle field.

   He looked at Temari. "Well you're an eager one, aren't you?" He said. I laughed. Kankuro must be in a bad mood, because he silenced me by stomping on my foot. I winced, and glared at him.

   Naruto brought Shikamaru down to the arena by pushing him over the balcony rail. Not even bothering to land on his feet, he fell flat on his back, and was just laying there until Temari tried to hit him with her fan. Sure enough, Shikamaru dodged it, then complained about fighting a girl again.

   Although he's the laziest person I know, his strategizing skills were amazing. Because he specializes in shadow manipulation, he used different strategies to extend his shadow. At first, he just tried to kill time, extending his range by the sun going down. That obviously didn't work.

   "Temari! Over your head!" Kankuro yelled.

   Shikamaru had tied his jacket to a kunai, sending it in the air to lengthen his shadow. Temari hid behind her massive fan, formulating a strategy. Smiling, she went to make a hand sign, to find out she couldn't move. Shikamaru did it!

   It turns out that Shikamaru used the hole Naruto dug to defeat Neji. Temari was between the two holes, so Shikamaru put the shadow through one hole, and had it go through the other and reach Temari. But right when you think he was going to win, he forfeited!

   "I have about 10 more seconds before I'm out of chakra," He said simply. "And I already have the next 200 moves planned out in my head. But if I did win, it would just mean more work."

   After that was Sasuke VS Gaara. The fight everyone was waiting for. Then Hikari VS Fumiko, and then whoever I face. I hope it isn't Gaara. Facing Shino wouldn't be good, either, with those bugs! I might be able to defeat Temari, but wind VS wind wouldn't be very easy. The  only people I might have a chance with are either Fumiko or Hikari. Not good!

   Lost in my nervous thoughts, I heard the proctor call a 10 minute wait, because Sasuke wasn't here. "Temari, do you really think Sasuke won't show up?"

   "He'll be here." Gaara muttered. Hikari gave him a weird look.

   A few minutes later, just as the proctor was announcing that Sasuke was too late, there was a huge swirl of leaves as Sasuke appeared. Everyone started cheering for him. The proctor called Gaara down, and he strangely took the stairs. I whipped around the corner, near the stairs, and used the Third Eye again. This was proving pretty useful!

   I saw these two guys standing near Gaara, telling him he better lose, because there are people from their village who bet a lot of money on Sasuke. Gaara's sand burst out of his gourd, quickly killing the two of them. I shivered. This isn't good. Gasping in fear of my own brother, I lost my grip on the jutsu, bringing myself back to reality. Kankuro stood directly in front of me, arms crossed.

   "Do you have a problem?" He teased. He must have heard me! Quickly unplugging my container of air, I slammed Kankuro into the solid stone wall behind him with a gust of my dense, chakra-filled wind. His eyes were huge, his  limbs shaking as I released my grip.

Kankuro's POV

   A sharp pain shot through my back when I slammed against the stone wall by Suzume. What was this? It wasn't sand, it flowed freely through the air. What was that?

   I dropped to the ground, and could barely breathe. Trying to say her name, I realized my breaths were shallow, and it was no use.

   What WAS that?

Suzume's POV

   "S-S-Suzu-" He tried to stutter.

   "I'm sorry, Kankuro," I whispered as I calmly walked away, returning to Temari. The fight has just begun.

* * *

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