A new day, A new guy :I

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*Hello, you must've know that this is a regular show fanfic, and thats why you clicked here...well i hope i won't dissapoint you. I have little experience so yeah, this is also my first regular show fanfic so if i made some miatakes regarding the show i apolagize. Anyway here goes the fanfic. Hope you like it.....ive said that already..*

*Benson's pov*

Ahhhh...what a day! Nice weather, birds are chirping and there's a new worker joining the park! Cant wait to meet him, i wonder if he'll pass the park anitiation. He'll have to face muscle man's pranks for a week. I hope he passes, we really need a new worker for the extra work we've been given. Let's see, i need to interview him first...what was his name again? Ah, yes it's rigby. He'll be here in an hour i presume. Better get ready for it.

*rigby's pov*

Oh crap, the interview is in an hour..im so nervous, i really need this job. Im practicly broke and i just came to this city three days ago. I figured that im ready for my independence, so i left my moms house to get a job and my own place to stay. Good thing i found this job at the park, its not much but its better than nothing. Oh no, the interview is in 15 minutes! I picked up my luggage and ran to the park for the interview. When i got to the park, my jaw droped. The park is beautiful and clean. I hope ill do a good job maintaining the parks image. I walked in front of the door of the house and knocked, then a guy with a small black hat opened the door "oh hello, are you a visitor?" Said the man, i stuttured "h-hello, i-im h-here f-f-for the i-interview", this is embarassing im blushing! Im not good with new people, "oh so you're the boy benson's been expecting! Well come on in!" He said in a jolly tone,"my name is pops, and what would yours be?" He asked "uh...rigby...names rigby", "oh, well rigby benson is waiting for you upstairs, just look for a door that says 'office'", i thanked him and went upstairs. The house is amazing, its big and clean, and there are many pictures on the walls. Eventually i came across a door that has the word 'office' on it, i knocked and heard someone said "come in!", i opended the door and went inside to see a man with red hair, hes wearing this suit that like a butler would wear but instead of black and white, his was red and white. He also wears glasses, he told me to take a seat. He offered me a gumball and i gladly took it and chewed on it. I looked around the room, its really organised and i see a picture on the wall of the park crew. Is that a ghost?. The man must've saw me staring at the picture and he said "yes, thats a ghost". I was shocked, not because of the ghost but because of him answering my question.cause i didnt say it out loud. Anyway, the interview started well, i guess he's pleased with it too, he then said "now i need to ask you one last question before this interview is over.", he looked quite serious at that point i was nervous. I asked what it is, he then asked "do you hate homosexual people?, if you're wondering why. Its because we have guests visiting the park everyday, and some of the guests maybe homosexuals and we dont want to ruin the parks image with tantrums like that, also our crew supports gays, even our boss. Not me but the higher one. And in the past there has been a worker here that hate gays so much, he kidnapped one and tortured him to death, fortunately he was caught and sentenced to jail for life. So thats taken care of i just need you to answer my question", i was shocked to hear about the murder. How can a human do that? I hesitated to answer because..well,"uhhh...i have no problems about gay people. I mean, they can love whom ever they want but... sorry if this is not the answer you're looking for but...i may be a homosexual...or not, im still not sure. But about seeing gay guests here i am totally okay with it!", i blushed. The man has a small smile on his face, "you will know who you love rigby, just dont label your self. If you love a boy, you love a boy. If you love a girl, you love a girl", hearing this i smiled too. He then stands up and puts out his hand "your in!", i smiled widely and i shake his hand to seal the deal. I am so excited for this job!

*benson's pov*

Rigby seems like an okay guy, he's a little shy and not used to new people but he'll get used to us in no time. I introduced my self to him and i introduced him to pops, then i showed him around the house. Since he told me he has nowhere else to stay, so i made him stay with mordecai. He looked really worried, i mean ill be worried too if i got a new roommate that ive never seen before but i told him its cool. Huh, i better tell mordecai later. I then proceed to show him around the park, when suddenly skips was calling out my name, "benson! Mordecai needs you at the fountain, he says he has got no idea where to put the daisys", i sighed "okay then, oh and skips this is rigby. He's the new guy here i want you to show him around the park", rigby looked at me with worried eyes but i told him it will be alright, i then ran to the fountain.

*rigby's pov*

Ive been left here with a big guy, when i say big i dont mean fat but he got muscles everywhere! I can even see his six pack through his shirt. He then looked at me with a smile and introduced him self. Apparently his name is skips and for a buff fella its kinda weird that he's skipping when he should be walking. But i wont ask why hes skipping every where cause i just dont think that its any of my bussiness. He then showed me around the park, its a really nice stroll alot of fresh air until this green looking guy walks toward us. "Hey skips, whos the little guy there?", "muscle man dont do anything stupid, this guy is the new guy", "new guy huh? Well i look forward to seeing you work little guy!" He pushed me and i fell down, i got up just to see his big ass face infront of me, i quickly walked back. This dude then says " you know who else likes to push people down? MY MOOOM!", i gave him a 'what the fuck?' Face. Like what does he have against his mom? Then skips and a ghostly figure stops him. The ghost the came up to me, "sorry about muscle man dude, im high five ghost. But you can call me fives", i said hi and introduced myself. Then skips tells me that i need to meet one last person. "IM GONNA GET TO MORDECAI FIRST DOOODES!" Muscle man practicly screamed. Why is he treating this like a freakin race? Im getting pretty annoyed with this guy. I just followed skips to god knows where we are heading.

*mordecai's pov*

Im just about finished planting these daisys, its alot of work but thankfully benson helped me with it. It looked really good with the fountain, looks really sunny and amazing. When i stand up, i heard muscle man's fast foot steps coming my way. In no time i see a panting and sweaty muscle man in front of me. He said something, "mor..de..cai...there...is...a..new...guy", then he just fell on his sweat, gross. Aside from that, there's a new guy? Huh i wonder what he looks like. Short? Tall? Buff? Slim? Then benson said "oh and mordecai, he's staying with you, and if you ever bully him in anyway or you make him do your chores ill fire you", i froze...he's staying with me? ME?! i was about to protest but then skips came to us and said "aaaaaand this is lil' mordecai" i snarled i hate his nickname for me. Then i saw this short brown haired boy. He's wearing a brown jacket and a shirt that says 'f*ck you', he has peircings too. And to top it all of....HE LOOKS SOOOO CUTE!. I better thank benson later, yeah i am gay. I have been ever since i was a kid. I should control myself whenever im alone with him. He looks at me and blushed. Soooooo cute! Maybe he's shy? Then benson whispered to my ear 'he's not that good with new people', did he just read my mind?. "Hi, im mordecai. Whats your name?" I asked him, he looked at me still blushing "names rigby", rigby huh? Cute name for a cute dude. "I hope we can be friends, rigby" i said to him with a smile. He smiled back and said "yeah, me too!", gah! CONTROL! MAH SELF! this will be a looooong day

*and that ends chapter one*

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