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" Done," said the doctor and Aries rushed past him and pushed the curtains aside going to Sagittarius's side, he wanted to scream in anger. Sagittarius was better now but he wouldn't wake up just yet, his face was red and there were very visible stitches across his nose and cheeks. His wrists also had a few stitches like Frankenstein. Aries ran a hand through Sagittarius's hair and felt stitches there as well, he quickly moved his hand.

" He'll wake in a few hours," said the doctor making Aries jump, he didn't notice the creature behind him at first.

Aries wanted to break down and cry, part of the side affects from the chemicals the creature had put in Sagittarius was pain, pain for days and he may want to harm himself so Aries had to keep a close eye on Sagittarius for quite some time.

Someone knocked on the door, the doctor walked away, Aries had tears in his eyes as he stared at Sagittarius. Many parts of Sagittarius's face was messed up, not too badly but a few things were looking a bit odd, Aries didn't care, this was still the Sagittarius he knew.

Then Aries heard someone scream and he ran to the door to see the doctor falling to the floor blood seeping down his clothes as he had been stabbed in the mouth from a dagger. A boy with a hood came in, his face wasn't visible and Aries couldn't move for a second.

" Who are you?" Asked Aries as the boy came closer.

" I'm here to rescue you, come on, quick!" He shouted and Aries ran back to Sagittarius's side, the boy came as well.

" What about-

The boy opened Sagittarius's mouth and dropped a green liquid inside.

" He'll wake in a few minutes, he'll he a bit weak but able to walk, I have to get a few people first," he said.

" Wait what's you're name?" Asked Aries before the kid could leave.

" Jameson."

" Thank you Jameson-

" Don't thank me yet," he said and left Aries.

A few minutes later Sagittarius's hand twitched and Aries stared eagerly waiting for him to wake up. Sagittarius's eyes fluttered open and Aries smiled, he had always loved staring into those eyes.

" Hey Bro, what's up?" Asked Aries and Sagittarius's eyes widened. He raced to sit up and then groaned in pain, Aries quickly made him lie back down while he struggled.

" Sag stop! I'm here! The doctors dead!" Shouted Aries and Sagittarius stopped moving, he was breathing heavily and looked ready to pass out.

The boy came back in with Aquarius, Taurus, and Gemini behind them, Aries shock was unimaginable, he had missed these guys terribly and he gave them all a hug.

There was another boy standing there as well who was soon introduced by Gemini as Remi.

" I can't believe it, you were literally just a few rooms away!" Shouted Aquarius.

" We gotta go back and get Jake then we can all leave together, we'll use the tunnel system under the palace, come on," said Jameson.

A few minutes later they were leaving the room completely unaware that the doctor wasn't dead yet...

In fact he had never known about the underground tunnel system, he did now...


You can imagine how happy a person would be after seeing the people they loved most, after suffering so much and then having the best thing possible happen.

Scorpio woke up to see her friends, she was laying in a bed, Capricorn was in another and she was snoring annoyingly loudly but Scorpio was so happy to see her that she didn't care. Cancer and Elena were playing a game of chess and Cancer was very obviously losing.

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