Evil is not made, it's created.

When you think of the word freedom, what do you think?


2043, the death year of humanization, and all humanity. Humans around the world, are slaves to the richest of humans. People are forced to leave their families, their friends, and all their belongings; to work for some human with the least bit of humanity.

Scarlett May Belle is just a regular girl, trying to live her life, and get to where she wants to be in life. But life isn't what you always think. At the age of near sixteen, she gets taken away from all she ever knew and got enslaved to Harry Styles. The son of the biggest slave corrupt in the world. 


Now let me make myself CRYSTAL CLEAR. This story is fucked up, and just down right wrong. Slavery is WRONG, and I'm not trying to translate the idea of abuse and torture of being considered "hot or attractive" 

Now, this is a FUCKED UP STORY. If you don't like FUCKED UP STORIES, then please leave and do not leave a nasty comment about how fucked up I am. THANK YOU AND PLEASE ENJOY THE STORY.

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