Unexpected Turn of Events

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*eleven years ago*       


I  woke up to the smell of smoke and the yell of men and women outside of my house. I shot upright in bed and looked around the smoke drenched room before panicking and turning to shake Nick, my boyfriend. "Nicky! Nicky, wake up!!!" I shook him so hard that he turned towards me and I let out a bloodcurtling scream when I saw his slit throat. "Ohmigod, Nicky!" I cried and threw myself over his chest, shaking as I sobbed into his bloody t-shirt. 

"Hey!" A shout drew my blurry gaze up...to a boy about a year older than me with eyes of the brightest blue. They seemed to glow in the darkness and I instinctively grabbed Nick. 

"Leave us alone!" I yelled at the boy, clutching Nick close to me.

"The house is on fire. Do you want to die?" The boy snapped, grabbing my hand and jerking me from the bed. "I'm here to save your life. Can you walk?" 

I nodded but when I took a step forward, I tripped over my own feet. He grabbed me and swung me up into his arms. The ground spun as he ran down the stairs from my bedroom and into the kitchen. He burst through the back door and didn't stop running until we were far into the trees surrounding the property. Then he slowed and slowly set me back on my feet. I still stood within the circle of his arms though and when I looked up into those blue eyes, I noticed the moonlight shining off his blonde hair. Holy mother of God. He was literally the most beautiful guy I'd ever met. "Who are you?" I breathed, my hands resting on his Nirvana t-shirt. 

"I'm Jared," he whispered, staring down at me. I was an inch shorter than him and damn did I love tall guys.

"Gavin." I swallowed hard. Was it just me or were his eyes focused on my lips? 

He leaned down slightly, his breath tickling my mouth. I was starting to close my eyes, leaning into him, when he suddenly shoved me away. "Silver." Jared exclaimed, his voice pitched a bit high as a silver haired girl came out of the woods with a redhead and two other people. One was a girl with looks similar to Jared's and the other was a dark haired man. "Lauren," he nodded to the redhead and then embraced the other girl. "Maya, who's this?"

"Mark." The man said. "You must be Maya's brother, Jared. The one who turned her."

Jared narrowed his eyes at this Mark character and took a step forward, only stopping when Maya put her hand on his chest. She then jerked it back like he burned her and Mark grabbed it as if to soothe it with his touch. It seemed to help.

My eyes were pulled from Jared as the redhead Lauren came up to me with Silver beside her. "I am Silver Shadows." She gestured to Lauren. "This is my girlfriend, Lauren." 

"We came here to offer you a choice." Lauren spoke up, putting her hand on Silver's shoulder.

Silver glanced at her before nodding. "Tell us what happened."

I looked between them and then sat on the ground as the realness of my reality came rushing back in. "Me and Nick, my-my boyfriend, were sleeping and then I woke up and the house was on fire and Nick was dead and I don't understand." I shook my head, my hands tangling in my own brown curls. "I think it was my parents and my neighbors." 

"Why would you think that?" Lauren asked, crouching beside me.

"I came out as gay the day I turned seventeen and my parents kicked me out. Nick took me in, but being five years older than me, had already gained the hatred of his neighbors for also being gay. They saw our relationship as wrong. Because of our ages and because of our sex." I shook my head again. "I don't know anyone else who would do this to me."

Lauren looked up at Silver and it's like they had a silent conversation before Silver nodded and crouched beside her. "Do you want a new life? To start over?" she asked me, her black eyes staring me down.

My eyes wondered to Jared and I nodded. "Yes," I whispered brokenly as his eyes met mine.

"Welcome to the pack," Lauren said just before Silver's teeth sank into my arm and I lost conciousness.


When I woke up, Jared was pacing beside me. When he noticed my eyes open, he looked relieved and then angry. He blew out a breath and sat down in the seat by my bed. "We need to talk, Gavin." Then he explained to me about the pack and about what I'd become. He told me of mating heat and of how he came into my house. "I saw the fire and...well, I've seen a lot of people die and I didn't want to let someone else die. But you...." he shook his head, obviously irritated. "You're my mate. The mating heat has awoke inside me for you. After your first turn, it'll hit you just as hard as it hit me."

I felt my heart soar. "We're mates?"

"Yes." He ground his teeth and I frowned.

"You don't seem thrilled about this." I said, studying him.

"I'm not gay and I refuse to accept you as mine. I'm just going to ignore it until it goes away." Jared pushed to his feet. "Don't tell anyone. You owe me this for saving your life." Then he stormed out.

I stared after him and felt my heart break inside my chest. 

*present day*


I heard a car door slam and it drew me from the bed and out of the human's arms. I slipped into the the bathroom down the hall and turned my head in surprise when Gavin slipped inside too. He seemed as surprised to see me as I was to see him. "Jared, I---" He started but I had noticed he was wearing nothing but a towel and, oh, did my eyes eat up the sight of all that naked skin. I grabbed him and jerked him against me and kissed him hard. We jerked apart at the sound of a gasp and rushed out the door and into the hallway.

I peeked out the window and was shocked to see Silver shoved into the trunk of a blue SUV. I couldn't make out the guy taking her, but knew within moments that it was by force. I ran to the front door and jerked it just in time for Gavin to rush out. "Gavin!" I yelled, chasing after him.

He'd already shifted and was chasing the car. I wanted to follow him, but knew Silver would have my ass if I didn't check on Alana. I raced back inside and tripped in the kitchen. I heard a groan and turned to see Alana on the floor, her hair darker at the back. "Oh, shit," I breathed. "Paul!" I yelled. "Paul, get in here quick!"

When there was no answer, I raced up the stairs and threw open his bedroom door. There was blood everywhere. I could barely make out the two bodies in the center of the bed, but both were definitely dead. I turned back to go back to the kitchen only to stop short when I saw the human girl I'd spent the night with slipping into the kitchen with a knife.

I came up behind her just as she raised it over Alana and I snapped her neck. I grabbed Alana and threw her over my shoulder, wincing as I thought of how much her body bothered me. How could I have ever thought I could mate her? Without another thought, I rushed out the front door and wasn't surprised when the house exploded behind me. I kept running well into the woods, stopping by a river.

I set Alana down and splashed water on her. She jerked awake with a yell, "Silver!" She frowned in confusion at me and tried to stand. "Jared, Silver's in danger. We have to---"

I caught hold of her arm. "No, Alana. Gavin went after her. Paul is dead. Lauren and Mark and Maya and Eric are out in town." I sat her back down. "You need to rest while I call for help," I told her firmly. Then I shifted, tipped my head back, and howled.

 And, for the first time, I didn't think of Silver. I wondered if I'd ever get to see Gavin again. And for the first time, I was scared I'd never get the chance to tell him I loved him.

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