Chapter 6

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**Dean's POV**

"She's my sister" Said the guy that was now standing next to me

"What? She dosent have a brother." That's what I heard from everyone

"She does, we have different dad's though"

"Okay" I said, honestly I just wanted to go home my nose still hurt

"So were is she" he asked getting up

"I don't know" I said blatantly and walked home.

**Blaze's POV**

"YOU'RE STUPID AS HELL YOU KNOW?!" I yelled at Damen

"It's not my fault Blaze"

"Still, all he wants is to piss you off don't let him get to you, by the way you fight like a girl" I smirked at him. It was really late but we were still at the park.

"No... I was just going easy on him..." He explained

"Haha yeah sure thats totally belivable"

"I was!" He deffended himself right away

"Fine then take me down right now." I offered and stood in front of him

"I can't"

"Why huh?" I teased him and circled him in a challenging mannot

"Your a girl thats why" He said looking me up and down lingering at my breasts before he looked back at my eyes

"Your lame as hell, your just scared I can beat you again" I said rolling my eyes

"No I just dont want to hurt you" He crossed his arms in front of his chest

"Liesss" I sang in front of him "We should go home now you know its late" I stated

"Aww but its better at night, we can do naughty things." He winked at me 

"In your *freaking* dreams Damen." I started to walk away towards my house.

"Aww babe don't be that way you know I was messing with you."

"Yeah I know and I also know you're never getting in my pants." I said pretending to hit him

"You're no fun." He said and flinched

"Never said I was did I?" I said to him as we got to my front steps.

"No but..." He trailed off

"No, no buts just shut up" I walked inside and slammed the door but Damen had blocked it with his foot causeing him to wince at how hard I slammed the door. "Hey dont be like that babe" He opened up the door and snaked his arm around my waist and turned me around.


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