14 - Dinner Make Up

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Sorry for the long wait ladies, college is giving me a fucking headache. Plus I'm starting to get into gaming XD

Mia P.O.V.

You know, this might be a girls fairy tale dream coming true. A hot guy standing in front of you with a pizza box and some wine. Well this hot guy has some explaining to do, but do I want to hear it?

We've been together for a few days and I find out that he has a girlfriend, and he hasn't talked with me about it. I wanted him to run after me that night, stop me in the middle of the street, apologize and later the rain will start pouring down and we make out. Too bad this is real life and that would never happen. I have to fix everything myself and no rain will help me.

I leaned on my hip, crossed my arms and raised my eyebrow at him, "Last time I checked the delivery boy had curly red hair and black glasses who liked League of Legends."

"I'm here to apologize, my princess." he bowed down, making me want to smile and forgive him immediately. But I have to stand my ground, he's not going to get me this easy. I clenched my jaw saw no smile would come out of me, giving anything out.

"Maybe you should apologize to your actual girlfriend"

He leaned back up, "That's what I'm going to do after I eat this delicious pizza."

"No. You know what I meant." I pointed my finger at his beautiful face.

He rolled his eyes and walked inside like it was his place. Next, he took large steps towards my kitchen making me follow him; trying to catch up.

"excuse me, did I invite you in here? I don't think so!"

"Do you want the pizza or not?" he said, placing the box on the counter.

"I want a fucking explanation Christopher," I said getting right to the point.

He took a deep breath and turned around. His eyes showed how sorry he was and how much he wanted me to listen to him. Like he is regretting something.

"She's not my girlfriend Mia. She's just a girl that helped me to get closer with the gang. I've known her for a couple of years but apprently she developed some feelings for me, even though I told her that this is all business. I keep telling her to leave me alone but there is just something she can't let go. I left the dinners table with her to talk about how I don't want her to come over anymore especially since I have someone else now."

He explained taking a hold of my warm hand.

"You know, I might be a complete jerk sometimes but I would never cheat on a girl like you. I'm very faithful when it comes to relationships and I would never do that to you. My parents didn't fail me as a child. A guy would have to be an idiot to fuck up his chance with you."

I looked down, "Why didn't you call me right after. Or ran after me."

He grabbed my chin and lifted my head up so our eyes would connect, "We were talking for a while, and when I came back you were gone and it was kind late. I wanted to give you some time to think. Trust me, there were millions of times that I wanted to call you, text you and to even come to your place. I just couldn't do it."

"How did you knew that I ordered pizza?"

He smirked letting go of my chin, "Well, some guys at work wanted pizza and since my shift was over they asked me to pick it up. As I was ordering pizza there was a screen that had like online orders and stuff. And your name popped up. So I just asked them and BAM here I am."

I smiled, "And what about the guys?"

"I just told someone else at the place to deliver it. Don't worry about them."

I nodded.

"Soooooo..." he said.


"You forgive me or what?" he smiled, knowing that my answer would be yes.

"Hmm, I'll think about it." I smirked, walking around him and opening the pizza box that smelt like heaven.

He grabbed my hips and turned me around. And in a few milliseconds I felt his lips touch mine.

"What about now?" he asked.

I pushed him away laughing, "I said I'll think about it. Now open the wine."


For the rest of the evening we were watching random shows on the TV, eating pizza, and laughing about some stupid things. As I moved a little bit I felt my stomach clench. Too much pizza for tonight.

I groaned, "Ugh, too much."

Chris grabbed another slice and shoved it in his mouth. I stared at him, "You're eating like you haven't ate in weeks."

"Too good to waste darling."

"Aren't you going home?" I asked raising my eyebrow at him and taking the last sip of that red wine.

He placed his hand on his heart, "I just drank alcohol and you want me to drive? Tsk tsk tsk. I should give you a ticket to even encouraging me to do that." Dirty thoughts came into my head but I shook it off.

"Oh shut up. I could give you a ride."

"Nope, I'm staying right here." he pointed at the couch.

I giggled, "Alright, the couch it is for you."

"Wow, wow, wow, that's not what I meant." he said, trying to change my mind.

"Nope, too late Sir. You're staying here for the night because that was your choice." I said sticking out my toung to him. "Plus I don't want you to take advantage of this," I poined at myself, "sexy beast."

He rolled his eyes, "Come here." he pulled me on top of him as I laughed.

This was a short chapter but at least it's something. They made up *awwww*

Any ideas on what's going to happen next?!



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