Imagine Jaime Saving You From Joffrey pt.1

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Joffrey used you as a play toy. When he wanted to humiliate someone he'd go to you. You're the last daughter of your family's house. And now that the Lannister's have you, well they can do whatever they want with you. You're not one of those ladies who wear long gowns and dreams for a prince to save you. That's why Joffrey tortured you. Because they found you 'different' . You're a strong independent women, who wants to be true to your family's name. Because they were family after all. You loved them.

You wore loose cream bottoms, brown boots and a top that was light brown. It was easier to move around in these clothes. Your long, y/c/h, hair reached right down to your backside. It was in beautiful condition.

"y/n, Joffrey commands you to meet him in the throne room" the maid bowed in her request.

"What does he want now?" You rolled your eyes at the maid. Because she knew.

"Look I'm not going if I'm going to get beaten again, it's just plain common sense!" You insisted on getting your way this time.

The maid clapped her hands twice and two guards slammed down the heavy door. They were big. Big, big, big men. They both grabbed each side of you and one covered your mouth so that you wouldn't make a sound. They lifted you off the ground slightly and you kept on kicking and screaming for help. There was no way out of this. They walked across the hallways to come across Jaime Lannister.

"What are you doing to this poor girl?!" His posh voice questioned the two guards and he took his huge hand away from your mouth.

"I'm fine actually..." You said breathlessly.

"I'm just trying to get along with these" You looked at the men with a smile on your face.

"I suggest you let her go" Jaime demanded.

"But, my Lord, these are the kings orde-" one of them spoke.

"I don't care what 'the king' says. Let her go or I will have you both killed" Jaime said firmly.

Cersei walks into the conversation.

"Jaime, brother, if my son, the king, commands it...then he gets it" she said with a smirk on her face.

You were thinking about making a run for it. Better to live poor then to live like a chew toy right??

You started to run but before you knew it a large hand pulls you back. The guards have you in the same position again. They started to head forwards to the throne room.

Jaime had a worried look on his face and started to follow. Cersei grabbed his arm and whispered in his ear.

"Why do you care?" She said worryingly.

"And why don't you?" He replied with a stern look on his face and proceeded to follow to the throne room.

The guards threw you down to the floor, you lay there on the ground.

"Well get up then, you filthy creature." Joffrey laughed at his own joke and expected for everyone else to laugh too.

You stand up and roll your eyes at his behaviour. It's childish.

Jaime enters the room.

"What's your name again?" Joffrey said threateningly.

"Y/n" you sighed.

"Ahh! Y/n! Well it would be so fun to kill you right here and now" Joffrey chuckled.

You look up slightly worried whilst the whole room is gossiping. You spot Jaime looking concerned. You shake your head because you don't want him to interrupt. You didn't want him to get into trouble.

"But I can't kill you." He said disappointedly.

"Your family name is important" Joffrey smirked at his audience.

"I guess I could have a little fun with you though.." He suggested.

You turned to Jaime and he was walking down the stairs to trying to get to you.

"uncle! How pleasant it is to see you here!" Joffrey threw his arms in the air like he was at a party.

"Joffrey I think this is enough" Jaime pleaded.

"Enough? We haven't even got it started!"

"Leave the girl alone" Jaime looked at you with his green eyes.

"No! I AM THE KING! and a king does what he pleases. If he wants something he gets it"

"A king does not act like this." Jaime added.

Joffrey threw a strop and sat on his throne with his arms crossed.

Jaime holds his arm out to lead you out of the room. You link arms and at the door way you both stop.

"Thank you" you said.

"Don't worry my lady" he kissed your hand and went back to talk to Cersei.

You step out of the humongous doorway and there. You are no longer Joffrey's. Or anyone's.

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