The Plan Of Escape

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Ella quickly stood up from her fallen position on the floor and sprinted out of the room, using her magic to phase through the large door.

She managed to hear the doctors yell they'd be going after her but the first witch told them to let her run. She didn't question it but instead ran until she found a small room off to the side.

She ducked inside and closed the door quietly. She took in a deep breath and turned around to find Felix and Seena standing in complete fear.

"Ella? Are you Ella or the other one?" Felix questioned quickly

"You idiot! She wouldn't be honest either way!" Seena argued

"I'm Ella, promise. I've run from Ara...but she's not really Ara but's her body..."

".....huh?" Felix says oddly

"Basically...the first witch has taken over Ara's body. And now I'm completely confused as to what this plan of my sister is." She pouts

"Okay, so what is OUR plan? How do we get out of here with everyone? And what exactly is here? And who all is here? And how long have we been here?"

"I'm not sure how long you've been here. I—I can't save Ara and the boys right now. Right now we just need to focus on getting you and my husband and Ara's parents out of here. Non-powerful beings should not be apart of this." Ella said as she peaked her head out of the door

"Non-powerful? Did you forget I'm a Satyr and she's a fucking fairy???" Felix chimed

"A satyr and a fairy who know absolutely nothing about their powers. So tell me, how could you help?" Ella asked without even glancing at the two

She said a spell under her breath and suddenly a visble green line appeared in front of her.

"This line will lead you to the exit—"

"I'm not leaving without Ara." Seena deadpanned

"Me either." Felix agreed

"You don't have a choice." Ella seethed, "If you want a chance to get out of here then you'll listen."

Felix and Seena don't know what happened but hearing her voice deepen caused them to want to listen.

"Follow this green line. I'm going further in to find the others. When you reach the garage, get in a car and just go. If we make it out, we live another day to try and save them. Deal?"

Felix and Seena nod as Ella opens the door to allow them all into the hall.

"By the way...How'd you get in there?" Ella asked

"Oh...Well Alan put us in there and told us to stay quiet because someone would be to help us. We didn't believe him but, here you are!" Felix said happily as he and Seena turned and began carefully running after the floating green line.

Ella stood puzzled for a couldn't be the same Alan that helped that Dr and Elise bring back the first wouldn't make sense.

But with that, Ella continued on her journey to find her husband and your parents.


You crept around the castle for a bit more. You tears had been long forgotten as you were now just determined to get out of here.

You hadn't realized how much you'd allowed them back into your heart. Or maybe they never really left.

Jin's smile and presence always made you feel warm and loved. Yoongi's laugh always gave you a euphoric feeling and Hoseok's happiness and hope always gave you reasons to keep going.

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