Part 79 - Family Pains

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"Let me help you up" I swatted away the outstretched arm, and somehow managed to climb to my feet. "I'm fine" I replied between gasps of air, though the stomach pains were beginning to subside, they were still quite painful. I swiftly placed my forgotten knife upon his throat "One wrong move... And I will kill you" he began to stutter before he managed to squeeze his reply out. "I-i won't, I promise... I-I'm here to bring you and your group to Alexandria" The stranger's glance swept down to my baby bump "We have a doctor on site too we can help you, you look like you're in a lot of pain" he continued. I paused for a second before drawing my knife, "ugh you're right I am in a lot of pain" I stated before bending over in pain. "Let me help you, I can help find you-" I shot up again. "Remember what I said... One bad move and this will be in your skull before you know it" I retorted. He held his hands up in defense. "Now... Get me to the big warehouse... Its about 4 blocks from here..." Aaron approached me slowly, his arms still risen. "It's too dangerous to go now... There's too many of them to get through" I swiped at his collar that became entangled in my vice like grip. "Take. Me. To. The. Warehouse... I need to get back to my people now..." I demanded, my eyes never leaving his though he broke eye contact on many occasions. "O-okay... I-i think we can get there..." He stammered before searching around for an opening to get through to the warehouse. "Good." I replied bluntly.

Aaron and I began sneaking through the streets avoiding as many walkers as possible. "So how long have you been following us?" I asked, I was curious as to how long as no one would just randomly approach someone, and ask to bring to this... Alexandria place or whatever he called it... He knew I had a group with me so it must have been for a while. I still didn't trust him though. "Erm, a while now, I'm a recruiter. For Alexandria... I bring people back who I think will be an asset to our community" he replied. "Why are there so many??" Aaron continued, gesturing the the many walkers that filled the streets. There were more than before, it was like they were attracted to something in the city. "Those clouds don't look good" Aaron whispered, as thunder began to roll around the city which was followed by a light patter of rain. The light dust of water began to get heavier and heavier, the metal bins along the sidewalk made a low drum as the rain hit them. The noise began to attack some walkers, which made a pathway between them, veering off the roads towards the loud noises, "Quickly let's go!" I half shouted, not trying to draw any attention to myself.

We had finally reached the warehouse without any hiccups. My clothes were completely wet through, and I began to shiver, "W-we need to open that door, we had t-trouble last time" I stuttered. "I don't think there's anyone here" Aaron stated sheepishly. "Open the d-doors... Now" I demanded. He nodded and began to open one of the large warehouse doors, slightly struggling but he was trying hard not to show it. The heavy droplets of water began trickling down the other side of the door, the low drone of pattering water echoed through the warehouse as it hit the plastic corrugated roof. I slipped through the narrow gap between the doors and ran to look for the others "We should probably check for walkers!" Aaron called, trying to be quiet in case there were in fact walkers. "I gotta find my people stay there, I'll grab them and we can leave" I began to fast pace, working my way quickly and quietly through the warehouse. "Rick!" My tone was heightened. "Rick! Guys?! Anyone here?" I called out again. Though I was met only by my own echo through the empty room. I was beginning to lose hope... Had they just left me here? Did Rick tell them to leave without me? I was carrying his child and he leaves me... All alone, with a stranger that could potentially execute at any moment if he wanted to. Do I wait here? Or do I go with him? He did sat he wanted to bring them all back to this place he recruits people to. My mind was swimming with questions that were met with no answers, what do I do?

"Maybe we should leave? I can track them again... Easy... But you need a doctor, you've been through a lot and you need to see someone." Aaron pleaded, my mind was swaying towards Aarons offer... He would find them... If not? I'd kill him... No doubt about that. "How far is this place of yours?" I paused, "Hours drive from here... Easy" he quickly responded. Aaron reminded me of a little puppy with his tail between his legs, eager to please his master, his answers were short and sweet, and to the point. I sighed, feeling a deep, shocking pain through my stomach, I tried to hold back the tears, not just because of the pain, but because of how I was left in the city all by myself with a stranger by a man who claimed to love me "Okay... I'll come with you" I paused, wiping my nose with my hand "Only because of my baby who I think I'm losing..." I paused again the tears were flowing whether I liked it or not. "Ow... Im gonna lose him... I'm gonna lose him..."

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