2. Became besties

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Jaden and I started talking everyday and I liked it, he understands me and is interested about everything I say, we also video called a few times and after 2 weeks talking we gave each other's Snapchats and started talking there too.

One day, we were in a video call and decided to make a tiktok toghether.

https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMLmEXmV1/ (paste the link in google)

He posted it and it got too much hate for no reason, the comments were like: are you guys dating?, is she trynna steal my man?!, she's so ugly, Jaden don't 💀, not his gf please...

We were in a video call reading the comments and i felt so bad and started crying, so he posted a comment and pinned it: No guys, we're just friends and even if she was my gf, why do you even care, it's my life stop it.

He comforted me for like 30 min.

Jaden: If they don't stop hating on you I'll turn the comments off, but i won't end our friendship just because they say it, you're my best friend and they gotta accept it and get used to see you with me.

Y/n: I love you Jaden, you're the best friend i have and i don't wanna lose you.

Jaden: It's late on here, I'll go to sleep, love you too.

Y/n: Ok, goodnight.

Jaden: Byee.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 1 day later ~~~~~~~~~~~~

I woke up and it was like 4 am in USA so i didn't said anything to Jaden bc i didn't wanted to wake him up so I did my morning routine and went to school.
A lot of girls started talking to me like if we had been friends for years and suddenly started asking for Jaden and Javon's snap and if I could introduce them to he so I just left and went with my group of friends. We weren't popular since that day, everyone knew that I was Jaden Walton's friend and a lot of people thought we were something more but it wasn't true.

I arrived home and saw a message from Jaden.

jadenn 💘

morning prettyy 💘

how did u sleep??

morning j 💘
good, wbu??

good too, wanna go live toghether this afternoon, at 8 pm on Spain??

yea sure

it'll be fun, i promise, and people will love you, you're my bestfriend, they gotta get used to see you often w me

ok, thxx

no problemm


I did my homework, took a shower and posted on insta.



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nott.y/n: 💘
liked by onwardjdub, onwardwanna, jaylawaltonofficial, claudiamartinezz and 7,284 more

claudiamartinezz: que guapa miamorrr 💛 (so pretty mylove)
↩️ nott.y/n: tu mas miniñaa 💛 (you more mygirl)

onwardjdub: 💘
liked by nott.y/n

onwardwanna: pretty bestie
↩️nott.y/n: sorry, do i know u?

jaylawaltonofficial: down on my knees of u girl 😍😫
↩️nott.y/n: same here 😫

jadens.wifeyy: stay away from my man
↩️nott.y/n: not your username 💀
↩️onwardjdub: 💀💀

waltonsstann: she's so pretty 😍
↩️nott.y/n: you are

user92739297: is she dating jaden?!
↩️nott.y/n: i'm dating ur mom

waltonsxy/n: hope she meets them in person😫
↩️onwardnation: she will
↩️nott.y/n: yessirrr
↩️onwardwanna: soon 😌

hugosanchez07: que guapa mi amigaa 😍 (so pretty my friend)
↩️nott.y/n: hace dos días te caía mal 💀 (you didn't liked me two days ago)
↩️user917393691: JAJAJAJAJA lo que hace la gente por interés (hahahaha what people does for interest)
↩️nott.y/n: thiss

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At 7:30 pm I got ready and cleaned a bit my room to go live with Jaden at 8:00 pm.

Jaden started the live and i joined it and people started asking questions and us answering them.

Jaden: No guys, we're not dating lmao.

Y/n: My favorite colors are black and purplee.

Jaden: Mine black and electric blue.

Y/n: Yeah I do know Jayla and Javon, but I don't talk with them as much as I talk with Jaden so yeah, but they're my friends too, I love them.

Jaden: Stop saying she's our friend for fame, she didn't even know who we were when we started talking.

Y/n: Fr man, I didn't even knew Javon lmao.

We kept in live and Jayla and Javon joined a bit too, till Jaden had to go practice baseball and we ended it and I had dinner and went to sleep.

jadenn 💘

night bestiee 💘

night j 💘


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