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Jayu and chanyeol went in the car and went to the AMUSEMENT PARK.

(Chanyeols P.O.V)

I really hate going to exotic places. I mean... there's a lot of things can be going on. Jayu is really wonderful. I just don't want to ruin this wonderful event with Jayu. She doesn't want to be into a lot of trouble.


It feels so good out here! All of these roller coasters!!!

"Ahh chanyeol? Who are those people?" I asked

"Oh gosh! Sasaeng fans! >< this is the reason why I hate coming here" ㅜ.ㅜ chanyeol said.

"Oh gosh! Why are they coming towards us?!" I screamed.

"Don't look at anyone! Just stay with me and wear these shades ok?No questions! Just hurry!" chanyeol demanded.

We started to speed walk because camera men and people were crowded to us. I started to hold chanyeols hand while he was squeezing it to make me stay with him. I felt so protected by my big brother ^^. After that, we hid somewhere. We were breathing heavily.

"Are you hurt? Where should I check?" Chanyeol asked while he was sweating and breathing heavily.

"Oh no no I'm ok. you?" I asked.

"Yea I'm fine. I'm so sorry about that. where do you want to go first? "He asked.

I am super sorry for late. I am really busy with school. Sorry for short chapter as well. Mianhe~~

Chapter 9 next! :)

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