Blinky And Squinty Just Don't Get On

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Colin tightens his arms around my waist as I crumple, shock sending me off kilter.

 "You won't touch them." Colin snarls at Crusher, his breath blowing my hair gently. I stare at Crusher, my eyes wide as he looks lazily at Colin.

 "Och, yeh were all fer it afore yeh mated intae the Fife's, McGrath." Crusher scoffs and I stare up at Colin, fury building as my brain pieces together what Crusher just said.

" knew?" I hiss, jerking away from him.

"Alba...please," Colin falters slightly, looking at the space that used to be filled with me.

"Please what?" I ask shakily, wrapping my arms tight around myself as I stare at him. Yet another man to lie to me.

"Please listen." He chokes; his eyes pleading with me to listen. I flit my gaze from my family. My fucked up, dysfunctional, crazy family. I stare at them all, remembering the little things they used to do when I was little that made me laugh when mama was crying. Gordon and Mack used to have these crazy wee finger puppets...I laugh as I remember Blinky and Squinty, the sudden laugh making everyone jump.

"What's funny, Alba?" Roger asks, his lip twitching.

"Blinky and Squinty just don't get on." I quote, sharing a grin with Mack and Gordon.

"Och, this is pointless." Crusher sneers at me and the smile slides off my face as I turn my gaze to him wordlessly. "Fifey girl, these people lied tae yeh fer yehr whole life. Yeh really gonnae stay wi' them?" Crusher sneers and I swallow thickly.

"Aye, I am. They're family." I reply, my eyes stinging as I look at my family. My funny little family.

"We are." Roger nods, moving and putting his hands at the top of my arms as he stares me straight in the eye. My eyes skid around the room, looking anywhere but my uncle's pleading eyes. I don't do eye contact very well...I always end up looking like I'm lying. "And we look out for family." Roger says gently, holding my chin and moving my head so I'm facing him.

"Hi uncle Roger..." I say quietly, catching his eye for a moment and darting my eyes away anxiously.

"You can just call me dad, Alba." Roger tells me softly and I shake my head, a lump rising in my throat.

"But you're not." I whisper, my eyes stinging as I look at the ground between us whilst Roger moves from in front of me to slightly behind me. Christ, it's like having a bodyguard...or a pimp...

"He brought you up though!" Erin chirps and I almost jump out of my skin. I forgot the crazy Irish ones were here...with Crusher.

"Erin, hush." Eoin murmurs, catching my eye as I look up. I jerk my head so I'm not looking at Eoin. I thought I trusted him. I thought he was one of the good guys.

Aye, like you thought Jack Emmory was a good guy until Crusher reared his head, my mind snorts and I groan as I pull my hands down my face. I'm a shit judge of character.

No y'aren't, Colin says gently and I glare at him. I don't care if he is my mate, right now I wan to wring his neck. Colin winces and I scowl. I'm glad he heard. He's proof I'm a shit judge of character! I mated someone who was all for wiping out my family...there's a Jeremy Kyle show in there somewhere.

"Keep it shut, Gallagher." Crusher snaps and I watch Eoin's face cloud over, but he reluctantly tells Erin to keep quiet again.

"Y'always have tae be the centre of attention, Jack." I note coldly, and the blood in my veins freezes as Crusher grins up at me sadistically.

"Well, your news could make you the centre of attention Alba, why don't yeh share it?" Crusher asks patronisingly and I feel my eyebrows pull into a frown. What news?

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