Prompt Request: I know this is a sad request but … So a Zianourry, Niall centric. Niall found out he hascancer and the boys are devastated. Can this go through like the difficulties of days he has when he gets sick from it? Just go though his last month of living with all the fluff and sadness. Can this be long? Can it also be done soon? I love your prompts. Thanks <3

-This is the one-shot I’ve been working on guys. I hope that it lives up to what you wanted.-


Something wasn’t right with Niall. Louis frowned and watched the boy pick at his food. It was strange to see the Irish lad not eating. But lately he hadn’t been hungry. He would tell them he was full and would refuse to eat. The younger boy had also lost weight. A lot of weight. It wasn’t right. Niall, as if sensing Louis was staring at him, frowned and pushed his plate away.     

“What’s wrong Louis? Why are you staring at me like that?” Shaking his head, he mumbled nothing and went back to eating. The blonde stood up and he grimaced, holding his stomach. This caught all of the boys attentions. Of course, Louis hadn’t been the only one to notice the difference with Niall. Liam frowned.   

“Is it your stomach again Ni? Didn’t you go to the doctors?”

A forced chuckle came from Niall.  

“Yeah. I’m fine. Just a bug.” He grabbed his plate and walked into the kitchen. Tears slid down his pale and thin cheeks. Throwing the plate into the trash, he slid to the ground, sobs racking his body. Soon, he heard footsteps coming into the kitchen and he looked up to see his bandmates staring down at him. Zayn knelt beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Ni..what’s wrong?” Shaking his head, Niall flung himself into Zayn’s arms and continued crying. Soon Niall calmed down and wiped away the tears. Looking up, he glanced at each of the boys, before he said the words that would change their lives.

 “I’m dying.”  


A few weeks before in late August, Niall had woken up with strange stomach pains. He flinched and grabbed  his stomach, before a wave of nausea washed over him. Running to the bathroom in the hotel room, he threw up.His drying heaving had woken the other boys and they tried to convince him to go to the doctors. Being scared and terrified of the hospital  he just waved them off and said it was a stomach bug. However, as August went by, he learnt that wasn’t the case. He kept it hidden but he was losing weight and he felt worse abdominal pain. His back started to hurt a lot and for some reason, his skin started to turn a yellowish color. So a week before they were scheduled to leave,  he had Paul take him to the hospital.It was on one of their days off and he lied to the boys and said he was going shopping for his mum. The boys let him go. A previous day, Paul had scheduled him an appointment and he now waited in the waiting room. He fiddled his fingers back and forth, as Paul walked over to him.  

“It will be okay.” He said placing a hand on his shoulder. The Irish teen nodded, but said nothing. A friendly looking nurse then came out and called his name. As he stood up, he turned to Paul.

“Will you come in with me?” Paul smiled softly at the younger boy.

  “Of course.”  

Dr MaScott was an elderly man. His gentle voice and eyes helped calm Niall down a bit as he asked Niall what seemed to be going on. Niall told the doctor of his weight loss, strange stomach pains, loss of appetite and then proceeded to show him the strange yellowing that had appeared a week ago. Dr MaScott frowned and told Niall that he would need to take a blood sample for testing. After much convincing, Paul now held the teen’s hand as the doctor stuck a needle in the boy’s arm and started drawing his blood.